ELEKS, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Nomura Research Institute kick off joint venture to accelerate DX in Japan

ELEKS Japan has announced that it is allocating new shares to Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), HI Initiative and Akira Tai, to bolster its presence in Japan.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Japan has supported the opening initiative of ELEKS JV in Tokyo. The tech giant will introduce its global DX Design Technology Solution to the area to boost business transformations and tailor its innovation style to fit the Japanese market.

ELEKS, headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, has 15 offices worldwide, comprising 2,000 highly skilled specialists. It’s a world leader in advanced technologies like AI, data science, and blockchain and an expert in pioneering new product design methods. The company also has its own R&D centre with over 100 data scientists working to develop the latest technologies.

ELEKS has featured in the IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 list for seven years running, also achieving a string of internationally respected accolades in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, in industries including finance, insurance, logistics, automotive, aviation, entertainment and more.

From December 2021, ELEKS Japan will be offering Japanese companies DX Design Technology Solutions that incorporate strategic design and cutting-edge tech, in alliance with DNP and NRI, which has already worked with ELEKS on numerous projects, with a plan to achieve annual sales of 1 billion JPY within three years.

The DX Design Technology Solution

  • Global research-led DX design – Using its archive of global case studies and the latest business and technology trends, ELEKS’ team can devise a strategic design approach, then support and promote its Japanese clients’ digital transformations; from optimising workflows and efficiency to creating new business value.
  • Adaptation and implementation of advanced technology – With its own Centres of Excellence to guarantee quality and an in-house R&D Lab working with AI, data science and blockchain, ELEKS uses the latest development methods to implement world-leading technologies.
  • Engineers with Agile expertise and compliance with wide-ranging industry standards and regulations – ELEKS’ engineers have the expertise to combine UX design and Agile development or create bespoke systems that comply with strict industry standards, such as those in the automotive, healthcare and finance sectors
  • One-stop development via a Smart Team – A dedicated ELEKS Smart Team of specialists in business analysis, UX design and systems architecture can handle development from the project ideation phase through to the creation of a product concept and system launch, enabling complex projects to be delivered with speed.

ELEKS Japan will have Dave Pacanowsky as its new CEO and Akira Tai as its COO, both also acting as advisory board members.

Dave Pacanowsky, already CBO for ELEKS Americas and Japan, has almost 40 years’ experience in launching new businesses. He—alongside his team of sales experts—is crucial to client satisfaction across these regions.

Dave holds a Degree in Applied Economics and has worked for several big US companies, most notably, W. L. Gore & Associates, with whom he spent 38 years. During his time there, Dave became CFO, managed a key division of the Group, acquired three product patents and worked alongside chairman and founder Bill Gore. 

Akira Tai entered Konishiroku Shashin Kogyo (Konica Minolta) Kabushiki Kaisha in 1981 as a hardware engineer, then progressed to software development. He moved to the company’s US headquarters, where he became Head of the IT department, then took on the CIO role to promote the adaptation of global IT, legacy IT reform and digital transformation. After leaving Konica Minolta, he founded IoT Link Labo, where he worked as an IT consultant. Akira met with ELEKS in 2017 and began working with the firm to support its projects in Japan.


ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, providing expert software engineering and consultancy services for 30 years. Its talent pool of over 2,000 specialists covers niches from Big Data to data migration and custom software development, making it the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology challengers.

About NRI

Founded in 1965, NRI is a leading global provider of consulting services and system solutions, including management consulting, system integration, and IT management and solutions for the financial, manufacturing, retail and service industries. Clients from all layers of these individual industries partner with NRI to tap NRI’s research expertise and innovative solutions across the organization to expand businesses, design corporate structures and create new business strategies. NRI has more than 13,000 employees in more than 70 offices globally including New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. NRI reports annual sales above $4.9 billion. NRI is rated “A” by S&P Global Ratings Japan.

About DNP

DNP is one of the world’s largest comprehensive printing companies, providing a diverse portfolio of products and services to about 20,000 corporate clients worldwide. Since we were founded in 1876, we have consistently innovated new products and processes, and have successfully integrated proprietary printing and information technologies to branch out into various fields, including packaging, decorative materials, display components, and electronic devices. Our aim is to become a principal provider of solutions to a variety of problems by developing and combining new technologies.

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