Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021: media

This was a defining year for Ukrainian tech, plenty of memorable moments: GitLab’s IPO, Grammarly became decacorn, 252 000 tech specialists in Ukraine, new VCs, media, tech educational institutions, global tech moguls hatched audacious deals.

TechUkraine initiated the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” where we share the stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere – tech giants, startups, clusters, funds, media, accelerators, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into some of the most significant achievements-making developments of the year! media

What are the key achievements of 2021 (Top 3)?

  • The boom of startups. Any week passed without news that Ukrainian startup X had raised Y investments. It is the merit of the state Ukrainian Startup Fund and a whole pool of accelerators who are fighting for their residents. It seems that to the world brand «Ukrainian IT specialist» has been added a new word «Ukrainian startup.»
  • IT market. Now there are more than 250,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. The number of IT-individual entrepreneurs (FOP) increased by 50,000. And the annual increase was over 24%. The market continues to grow. The highest salary for the year reached $ 12,000. It’s inspiring when salaries are skyrocketing instead of taking a nosedive)
  • Cryptocurrency. It is almost legalized by 99.9%. In Ukraine, the daily turnover of virtual assets is UAH 1 billion. But all this is in the shadow. Because of this, international exchanges cannot enter Ukraine. The president has so far vetoed the bill, but the market says it will still work and is actively preparing for total legalization.

Which challenges were the most impactful during the year?  

  • Let’s talk about one global challenge. It is the technological and investment attractiveness of Ukraine. There are many problems within the country: the war in the East, the government’s conflicts due to the politician aspects, fighting with oligarchy, fulfilling obligations to the IMF, government grants to support culture, etc. Dont’s forget the pandemic has not disappeared. At the same time, our state is well known worldwide not only as agricultural but also as IT. It’s the tendency of recent years. It’s great that the tech business is moving forward, despite the background in which it exists. If there are no such stories as with the Sinevo network, we are bound to succeed and further develop.

How will Ukrainian tech be developing? Approach, projections and perspectives for 2022?

  • Year of Diia City. 2022 in terms of IT and technology, will be the year of Diia City in Ukraine. Will companies want to join the government program? What will actually happen to IT-individual entrepreneurs? Will the government keep its obligations on the terms of the new legal regime? It seems that we will discover more about further steps in the new year.
  • Year of IT education in Ukraine. Companies (first of all, big outsourcers) feel a lack of employees and go to universities to implement their programs. Ministry of Digital transformation wants to be a mediator in this topic. Great opportunity for students to get a job during studying. At the same time, companies will literally “fight” for young talents. With particular advantage: beginners can be paid less at first.
  • A year of new big deals. Kyivstar and Datagroup? Glovo and Rozetka and Horizon Capital? All these, so far, are common rumors that from time to time appear on the market. However, every day they are getting closer and closer. In the new year, we will probably learn not only about these big business mergers.

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