Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021: Let’s Enhance

This was a defining year for Ukrainian tech, plenty of memorable moments: GitLab’s IPO, Grammarly became decacorn, 252 000 tech specialists in Ukraine, new VCs, media, tech educational institutions, global tech moguls hatched audacious deals.

TechUkraine initiated the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” where we share the stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere – tech giants, startups, clusters, funds, media, accelerators, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into some of the most significant achievements-making developments of the year!

Let’s Enhance – powerful AI to increase image resolution without quality loss.

What are the key achievements of 2021 (Top 3)? 

  • Let’s Enhance pivoted its business model and launched Claid in 2021 as a technology for e-commerce, real estate, travel and foodtech marketplaces that work with visuals in high volume. It crosspassed 1M in revenue and continues growing.
  • Let’s Enhance raised a $3M Seed round to release more features for content moderation, and scale engineering and sales teams. The investment round was led by Chamaeleon with Margo Georgiadis, Hype Ventures and Acrobator amongst other investors.

Which challenges were the most impactful during the year?

Covid pandemic had a significant impact on multiple industries and business behaviors. In our case, building a remote team and switching business model was one of the most impactful and complicated things to develop. On the positive side last year we saw the biggest online e-commerce adoption for the past decade due to Covid with more and more smaller sellers coming to platforms like Ebay, Shopify or Etsy. This trend is going to continue and we hope to continue to have a positive impact on our business.

How will Ukrainian tech be developing? Approach, projections and perspectives for 2022.

  • Remote work and global focus.
  • More and more product companies will continue opening offices here that will increase competition
  • More venture investing (both local and international investors)

About Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance a deep tech AI company that builds End-to-End imaging solutions for photo enhancement and optimization.

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