[TechUkraine news] How to Pitch Ukrainian Tech, project roadmap

We have finally made it! Together with the group of Ecosystem Changemakers we created the pitch deck Everything is TECHable with Ukraine!, where we have gathered the key messages to promote Ukrainian technological sector.

  • For decades each Ukrainian community and company found its own facts, messages, and intonations to talk about Ukrainian technologies in the world.
  • However, till very present moment there was no single narrative, repeated by many voices, that is really strong.
  • That’s why we realized that there is a gap and found a way how we could fix it.
In partnership with UNIT.City, Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many other stakeholders of the sphere we took the initiative to create the up-to-date pitch deck for the Ukrainian tech industry.
During 9 months of developing the project “How to Pitch Ukrainian Tech”, we went through several stages
  •  launched the all-Ukrainian survey,
  • conducted several meetings with ecosystem stakeholders – ideathons and brainstorms,
  • presented the concept, the story and the pitch deck itself to a narrow group of participating members:
  • Implemented it into: a joint initiative of the Ukrainian ecosystem pavilion at Web Summit and are currently finalizing the brand new promo video of the tech ecosystem done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with TechUkraine
Today we are ready to go public and present the whole road map, achievements and summary of this exciting and important for the whole ecosystem project.

UKRAINE: Europe’s biggest Tech country

  • Ukraine is a blooming tech talent pool. We power global tech engines. It’s BRAINing here.

  • Entrepreneurship hub: Start easy, develop fast, grow global with Ukraine. The land of tech freedom.

  • World’s R&D lab. Everything is TECHable with Ukraine.

Thanks to all who supported the project during the way. And – let’s make Ukraine a leading tech nation together!
TechUkraineNataly Veremeeva, Iryna Supruniuk, Irina Novikova
UNIT.CityDominique Piotet, Tatiana Morozova Skydan
Ministry of Digital Transformation – Anton Melnyk
MFA of UkraineYaroslav Turbil, Mariya Lipyatskaya, Sophia Dzhurynska
Ukraine Invest
Програма USAID «Конкурентоспроможна економіка України» Competitive Economy Program – Olesya Volska-Zaluska
Reputation Institute (USA)
Software Ukraine Association
greencubatorRoman Zinchenko
Kyiv IT Cluster
Agritech Association – Yuriy Petruk
SocialBoost NGO
Ukrainian Bridge – Eugenia Bespalova
Ukrainian Cultural Foundation Український культурний фонд
Ukrainian Startup Fund
YEPАндрій Заікін
Ajax Systems
Havas Ukraine
Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine
Havas Ukraine
Anna Chumak
Anton Krepkyi