Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021: fuelfinance

This was a defining year for Ukrainian tech, plenty of memorable moments: GitLab’s IPO, Grammarly became decacorn, 252 000 tech specialists in Ukraine, new VCs, media, tech educational institutions, global tech moguls hatched audacious deals.

TechUkraine initiated the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” where we share the stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere – tech giants, startups, clusters, funds, media, accelerators, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into some of the most significant achievements-making developments of the year!


What are the key achievements of 2021 (Top 3)?

  • Formed and implemented information security policy
  • Integrations of Google Sheets with banks and Clockify have been created. As a result, all the necessary data automatically gets into our system, and users spend much less time.
  • Separate technical product development team has been formed

Which challenges were the most impactful during the year?  

  • To find a developer to the team
  • To form a vision of a future product

How will Ukrainian tech be developing? Approach, projections and perspectives for 2022?

  • Development of the metaverse: NFT, AR, VR development
  • Development of the space industry at the level of small specialized companies that will cooperate with international space companies.
  • Creation of platforms for quick and convenient investment in international companies for everyone in Ukraine.

About fuelfinance

fuelfinance – a startup-focused cloud based financial service that combines the best of free software and financial consulting to provide a fantastic value. Easy budgeting, cash flow mngt, unit economics, planning and analysis.

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