The full list of the Ukrainian Startup Fund’s DemoDays winners

Ukrainian Startup Fund has held 35 Pitch Days and 181 Ukrainian startups have already received investments ($25000-50000) – congrats to the teams!?

Let’s overview who are the winners selected by the USF jury:

1️. The first Pitch Day

  •  AeroDrone – complex solutions based on drones;
  • – analytical online center;
  •  BIOC – a technology of nano polymerization for bioplastic production;
  •  FieldBi – analytical-expert system for market stakeholders;
  •  ПравоМен – automatic legal advisor;
  •  Framiore – sustainable brand of clothes with in-house R&D center with further development & implementation for technologies and textile innovations.
  •  Pytag – a trade-analytical platform for grain trading;
  •  BioBin – a mobile app for a sustainable environment

2️. The second Pitch Day

  •  HarvesTrack – Hardware and Software (ІоТ) solution to control harvesting
  •  Agrifinance Online Inc. – Marketplace that connects thousands of small and medium Ukrainian farmers with international capital markets, crop insurance services, and provides the highest grain & oilseeds prices directly from international traders.
  •  Allzap – development of online shops for auto spare parts
  •  Nuwork – CRM-system for HR

3. The third Pitch Day

  •  Cittart – a mobile marketplace for art
  •  Sprybuild – 3D Printers using CPWC Technology
  •  Skyworker.- tech jobs platform
  •  Caretech.human – an innovative IoT solution of real-time, accurate and fast analysis allowing earlier detection of diseases and evaluations of patient conditions before symptoms appear
  •  Dew Pocket – a device which transforms water into 99.9% free of bacterias/viruses anywhere anytime
  • – The perfect tool to automate your work on LinkedIn

4️. The fourth Pitch Day

  • – online service of financial accounting
  •  Norm – a solid-stone desk that follows your moves to get more done.
  •  FLASHBEATS – an app that creates amazing light shows at sporting events where we can create light waves, synchronized light strokes, a dance of light during a goal, or even a running line, characters, images, and cartoons.
  •  smart-MAC – devices that help to analyze the consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat, to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, wind, CO2, TDS, pH, and any other resources, conditions, and events.

5. The Fifth Pitch Day

  • Legal Nodes – legal marketplace
  • Choizy – career guidance online platform
  • SolarGaps – Energy generating solar panel window Blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy

6. The Sixth Pitch Day

  • ICORN – Grain Trade & Logistic Platform
  • BIOsens – IoT diagnostics of food safety
  • Cardiolyse – an e-health company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals, that enables an affordable real-time remote heart health monitoring, personalized detection and
  • Unicorn Nest – B2B SaaS solution for startups – the project of collecting data about all available VCs
  • Mate academy – online university of IT professions

7-8. The Seventh and Eighth Pitch Days

  • Jooli – The application for content marketers and PR professionals is focused on small and medium-sized SaaS companies, which saves up to 5 hours of work per week and doubles the efficiency of communications. JOOLI in real-time analyzes the activity of a company and its competitors in the main communication channels of this type of business and briefly reports on the release of market news and competitors.
  • IZIVIZ – Drone for safe, easy and effective visual inspection.
  • Elomia – An app with a virtual friend-psychologist who listens, understands and provides psychological help to people with depression and anxiety.
  • RunAn – Sports tracker that reduces trauma and increases running efficiency by controlling running technique.
  • Bicovery – Real-time monitoring of the mental and physical state of a bipolar person and timely reports of approaching episodes using Machine Learning technologies.
  • Gymcerebrum – An artificial intelligence platform with unique computer vision, which will operate on the territory of the fitness club as a virtual trainer.
  • Neverdark – A fireplace with a real flame for any apartment.
  • Ревізіон – Feedback Service and NPS. The platform allows you to return existing and attract new customers. Build a positive brand reputation through an effective feedback system at every point of contact with the Customer.
  • Upswot – Improving the sales efficiency aimed at SMEs with continuous monitoring and insights from 117 alternative data sources.

9. The Ninth Pitch Day

  • ORTY – The restaurant management system, which, through the introduction of self-service, delivery and chatbots, helps restaurants sell more.
  • COMIN – Allows content websites to monetize content without additional actions, labor, or special skills. Comin provides an e-commerce widget that automatically matches the product to the content of the publication. The process of purchasing goods is carried out directly on the content website without visitors switch to the site-store, and orders are processed by the owner of the goods.
  • Nutritionista – An intelligent mobile application that recommends healthy food to nearby restaurants based on personal preferences such as food types, allergens with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

10. The Tenth Pitch Day

  • TenniRobo – An innovative compact robot for table tennis, which is actually a professional trainer controlled by a mobile application. The device connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth – technology, and allows a user to control any parameters of a shot. The robot is able to create a really realistic behavior of the ball – such as a real person in the game, this is a great advantage for athletes. The mobile app allows you to create your own shots and combine them into personal training programs. With TenniRobo, players do not have to adjust their training schedule, do not depend on a partner or coach, and can save up to $ 80 a week on self-training. In addition, it is an extremely useful assistant for every coach, because the robot helps to significantly accelerate the professional growth of an athlete and diversify training.
  • Kray Technologies – The world’s first automatic drones for the application of plant protection products and fertilizers in field crops with industrial productivity (up to 470 hectares/day) which reduce the cost of application by 90% to about $ 2 / hectare (in the US market). They allow the farmer to get rid of crop losses connected with application and apply new technologies of frequent fertilization, which promise a yield increase of 20-40%.

11. The Eleventh Pitch Day

  • HackenProof – SaaS platform for organizing buggy bounty programs and coordinating vulnerabilities. By engaging the ethical hacker community and automating business processes, we develop the most effective platform for coordinating the detection of vulnerabilities in IT products on the client side.
  • LookSize – A service for determining the size without fitting in online clothing and footwear stores, which works as a widget and increases the conversion by 270% and reduces the return by 28%.
  • Артеріальна осцилографія/Arterial oscillography – The authors developed a method of analysis of pulsations during the measurement of blood pressure to assess the level of: the adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system; psycho-emotional stress; irregular heartbeat; the state of functioning of myocardial-hemodynamic homeostasis, the level of regulation and management of the cardiovascular system, activity and interaction of various parts of the nervous system; an expert system for differential diagnosis of risks of heart, lung, mental, COVID-19 diseases. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the web application via mobile or PC, depending on the profession, the information is displayed in a user’s office. The essence is un using existing data, if necessary, their modernization and production of new modifications of pressure gauges.

12. The Twelfth Pitch Day

  • Portal – Operational management optimization platform for remote teams.
  • Organization.GG –  platform for gamers and streamers that allows you to earn by interacting with fans.
  • Djooky – A music trading platform that gives artists access to a global community of investors, and investors the opportunity to trade a new asset class. It is a bridge between the music and financial worlds.
  • Abrakadabra – Service for creating text and images using artificial intelligence, which allows you to create quality text for business social networks.
  • iBeauty – Online booking service in the field of beauty and cosmetology, in the web version and mobile application on IOS and Android platforms.
  • VAR Energy – Support for power grids with the help of distributed energy.
  • Next Generation – a platform for exhibitions and forums in virtual reality
  • SPOKK – “Smartphone insurance” with affordable microinsurance products and a full range of online services. Users can purchase the policy in a few clicks, file a claim online, find out the decision on the insured event almost instantly and receive a refund directly to their payment card.

13. The Thirteenth Pitch Day

  • – A platform that allows hospitality companies to automate voice communications with customers using artificial intelligence.
  • Esper Bionics – Esper Bionics develops a new generation bionic hand prosthesis and a cloud platform as a service that teaches prostheses to user habits while improving management.
  • IGnation – Web application for organic development and monetization of profiles in social networks. Making money on Instagram has never been so easy.

14-16. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Pitch Day

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • RE-leaf PAPER. Kraft paper, which is made by RE-leaf technology, based on the fibrous mass of fallen leaves.
  • iceFood. Frozen ready-to-eat healthy and healthy first courses, main courses, desserts, smoothies and health bowls, which take 3-5 minutes to prepare.
  • AI Impulsar. Software for people with mental disorders. Impulsar software can “look into the future” and save lives. Impulsar helps monitor and analyze the condition of people with autism and dementia, and notifies people with epilepsy in advance of the likelihood of developing a crisis.
  • Muscreators. The online service for effective and large-scale artist promotion. It provides ready-made solutions for effective promotional campaigns in global and local markets. Muscreators is a reliable bridge between artists and fans through media channels around the world.
  • Smart Way. The service for international transportation. The mobile application is for: driver, carrier, sender/recipient of goods, in order to quickly cross the border, order online customs services and receive useful services on the road. The mobile application for easy interaction with customs at the border.

The startups on a seed-stage ($ 50,000 grant):

  • eSalesPlatform. E-commerce platform which helps retailers to expand their businesses on global marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.
  • HackenAI. Personal Cybersecurity Application. At HackenAI, we understand that privacy is becoming more of a challenge, that’s why we devoted our efforts to create an application suite to protect you in this rapidly changing world. Interactive educational modules, achievements, collectibles and membership options will motivate users to care more about their personal cybersecurity and teach them best practices to avoid future issues.

17. The Seventeenth Pitch Day

8 startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • Supplio – automated restocking platform for the cosmetics suppliers that integrates them with their clients (beauty salons, pharmacies, shops), providing automatic order management (supply orders automatically planned & sent to the supplier) based on actual clients’ stocks and product usage, recommend new products, and promotions and solve typical order issues.
  • ICardy – convenient and affordable service that allows you to diagnose the risk of heart problems with 99% reliability in real-time.
  • Assayme – personal Wellness & Health Assistant enables patients to monitor the health and prevents medical problems through a simple, at-home, self-administered rapid test, as well it`s a comprehensive tool for Telehealth.
  • Recoshelf – AI system for retail that monitors the products, customers’ behavior, and prices with smart cameras and IoT sensors to increase revenue up to 5-6%.
  • – a digital platform that helps to find a responsible real estate expert anywhere in the world, in a clear single segment and region.
  • Bloggermall – influencer marketing platform.
  • CHARGEBACK OPTIMIZER – chargeback management platform for banks, payment service providers, and merchants. The platform reduces costs and time of dispute investigation and money refund to customers.
  • Advisera – machine Learning-enabled marketplace, which helps entrepreneurs to receive specific business advice from international niche experts.

18-19. The Eighteen and Nineteenth Pitch Days

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • BDiary – mobile assistant for private practice in the beauty sphere.
  • Custle – a platform for casting talents that provides ML-generated shortlists with the relevant actors.

The startups on a seed-stage ($ 50,000 grant):

  • SEMCS by Mosquito Control – a smart eco-friendly mosquito control system that protects from mosquito bites and cleans outdoor territories from mosquitoes.
  • Amperia ( – set for laboratory work in physics in schools. A modern approach to the classic topic, which fascinates children, helps to ask questions and stimulates finding the solution.
  • SameKey – cloud access control system, which can be installed on any door in any facility.
  •– no-code integration platform and b2b software marketplace, where you can find and purchase different software for your business and connect these apps between each other via API, for free, without coding.
  • Creative Practice – educational and career ecosystem for professionals and companies working in the field of creative industries (design, marketing, IT, advertising, game development).

20. The Twentieth Pitch Day

  • OSBB Online – a comprehensive solution for managing apartment buildings and the comfortable living of residents.
  • ComeBack Mobility – smart sensors for crutches to monitor the load on the limbs after various conditions and injuries to the lower extremities.
  • obimy – free app to share small sweet gestures with your loved one. Emotions and mood expression. Tracking time together.
  • LineBar – multifunctional construction 3D printing technology, which allows printing building elements with several materials simultaneously and directly on the construction site.
  • MindSelf – a mobile instrument for psychological self-help: stress coping, mental well-being support, focus, and mindfulness improving.

21. The 21st and 22nd Pitch Days

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • VR Inn – a VR-tech company focused on enterprise training solutions to deliver, manage, and control training of employees. Mission is to rebuild existing training methodologies such as video training, printed instructions, and shadowing, and deliver VR trainings that provide up to 90% of training effectiveness.
  • V-Art – an ArtTech startup, an online platform to exhibit, sell and collect digital art.
  • HoldYou – an online psychological aid service. Our project is for people who want to get help from psychologist whenever and wherever, no matter where they are at the moment.
  • Symptomatical – a SaaS application that can help organizations track the health of their members (employees, students, etc.) and ensure the overall operational health of the organization preventing epidemic outbreaks.
  • Checki – smart service of electronic receipts. Customers do not need to save cash receipts anymore. Business can lower charges on paper and fiscal registers and can get additional marketing tool.
  • Biobetter – a virtual assistant that provides blood tests-based recommendations and allows them to increase productivity, slow down the aging process, and prevent diseases.
  • My1stJob – youth job-resource, where candidates and companies instantly find each other by target Soft Skills, a system of filters and comparisons.
  • Mobiform – a platform that unites buyers, sellers and furniture manufacturers. Automates marketing, production and allows you to build furniture yourself using an online VR designer.

The startups on a seed-stage ($ 50,000 grant):

  • Tradomatic – agri marketplace. Helps farmers earn more and spend less. Unites all players of the agri market within a single messenger bot in Viber and Telegram.
  • GIOS Mobile – a mobile application for learning Math and developing critical thinking of schoolchildren. EdTech solution based on AI and machine learning technologies that makes the learning process more flexible and adaptive.
  • Dots Platform – a digital cloud-based platform for launching a professional food delivery service in 2 weeks. Website and mobile apps for ordering, software for kitchen, couriers and back office. Provided as SaaS, without capital investments at the start, with payment upon use.

22. The 23rd and 24th Pitch Days

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($ 25,000 grant):

  • GeronCore — a living heart – a new generation of cardiac implants for kids with CHD (Kyiv).
  • Supplio – an automated restocking platform for the cosmetics suppliers that integrates them with their clients, providing automatic order management based on actual clients’ stocks and product usage (Kyiv).
  • Harmix – an intelligent service that automatically selects the right music for your video just in seconds (Kyiv).
  • AGRO BI – a business intelligence platform for risk management and the yield increasing for agribusiness with machine learning. The platform provides strict information on plant population and the presence of the weeds based on high-precision drone imaging using its own neural networks and data collection optimization algorithm (Kyiv).
  • Erudito – a mobile application, that allows children to learn school subjects in the game format and gain knowledge for modern professions (Kharkiv).
  • Ademrius – a web platform that allows the automation of the work of medical institutions through the implementation of online medical appointments and electronic patient history (Lviv).
  • Librarius – a mobile app that allows for purchase, rental, and free reading in electronic and audio formats (Kyiv).
  • Artera – a gadget that can draw in any color (Kyiv).
  • AutoBI – an innovative system designed for Automotive and related areas that will help to configure the processes for optimal fleet managing (Kyiv, Lviv).

The startups on a seed-stage ($ 50,000 grant):

  • Effa –100% eco-friendly recyclable and renewable disposable toiletries (Kyiv).
  • CareTech.Human – fully automated, painless, and affordable solution for daily health checks, diabetes screening, and monitoring (Kyiv).
  • SmartReader – lessons for children aged 6-16 on fast reading and memory development using a gamified online platform (Rivne).
  • Fiway – quality internet for transport that works in any country of the world (Kharkiv).

23. The 25th Pitch Day

  • CASERS – an interactive case study simulations platform. Helps case development centers create simulations for individual online learning (Kyiv).
  • Zirity – a software solution for optical retailers selling online by providing a try-on tool for glasses, which can be integrated with any web store and operate from any device in one click (Kyiv).
  • 12Climb – an interactive climbing wall with thousands of climbing routes controlled by a smartphone. Also helps to track training progress (Kyiv).
  • elKYC – B2b SaaS, which helps to verify and onboard customers in minutes (Kyiv).
  • – a project designed to place and promote various DIY-style products. A comprehensive solution for both B2B and B2C segments. It consists of mobile applications for iOS and Android, web portal, and representations in popular social networks (Kharkiv).
  • Re:zume – an HR tech software for quick and quality job search. At its core, it is a career roadmap for company employees and job seekers. The service makes it possible for companies to create clear career paths for their employees (Kyiv).

22. The 26th and 27th Pitch Days

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):
  • Avocado AI – a B2B SaaS that uses mathematical models to forecast the demand and form optimal orders for every ingredient (Kyiv).
  • MANNA – an interactive media platform that allows 3D animation of user-generated content, streaming, and social VR (Kyiv).
  • Advin – goods availability controlling system on the shelves of food retail stores (Kyiv).
  • Monor – innovative glasses with the possibility of customization and unique technology of fixing the temples (Kyiv).
  • Energy Absorbing Breakwater – totally autonomous device for the conversion of the energy of sea waves to water desalination and power generation (Dnipro).
  • 4Comfort Shoes – an online shoe fitting service for retailers and shoe manufacturers. Based on the photos of the buyer’s feet service determines the parameters and selects the most comfortable shoes for them (Kyiv).
  • Workee – an all-in box solution for running a private coaching business online (Kyiv).
The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):
  • Awesomic – an app that matches companies’ tasks with the best fit designer instantly; 3000 design projects completed on the Awesomic platform by companies like Reface, People AI, Restream, and others (Kyiv).
  • Copra Hi-End Sound Systems – a Ukrainian manufacturer of premium segment speaker systems and amplifiers. Has more than 20 patents in the USA, Europe, and Ukraine (Odesa).
  • DreamApp – dream interpretation app (Kyiv).
  • Onyx – a new, patented for its segment product with the contactless towel drying principle, which is produced and designed in Ukraine and has been already exported to the European countries and Israel (Cherkasy).
  • Noplag – plagiarism detection and resources for academic writing (Kyiv).
  • MeteoControl AI – a platform that helps farmers with insurance by an affordable product using satellite data and our algorithms (Kyiv).

23. The 28th Pitch Day

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):

  • Agrotop UA. A comprehensive expert-analytical information system of agribusiness management (Kyiv).
  • Clasee – knowledge-sharing platform for personalized life-long learning (Kyiv).
  • MySat UA – a STEM kit and a model of a real satellite that can be built without special knowledge (Kyiv).
  • Sugarrr – Diabetes hacking app (Kyiv).
  • LuLL world – a mobile, orthopedic, resonance-therapeutic business hammocks (Kyiv).
  • Deputy – a digital platform that automates the work of deputies and public receptions with residents ‘appeals throughout Ukraine, and is an effective tool for collecting, analyzing and in-depth understanding of residents’ problems (Kyiv).
  • Zeely – an AI-powered platform that enables smartphone users to create websites for free and promote their businesses online (Kyiv).
  • Smart ION – an ecosystem of smart modules for light and device control with built-in scenarios (Kyiv).
  • SolidERP – an ERP system for modern service companies (Kharkiv).
  • Insolar-T – SaaS-platform to increase energy efficiency. Remote EEaaS-product with AI platform (Kharkiv).

24. The 29th Pitch Day

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):

  •  The Great Catalog – a marketplace of 3D models for designers and architects (Kyiv).
  • Real Talk Sport . A web-based CRM system for administering businesses and sports federation organizations (Kyiv).
  • Elai – an AI-based solution, that allows you to generate interactive videos with a human presenter from text, without the need for actors, film crews, and expensive equipment (Kyiv).
  • MAGBULB – the world’s first magnetic light bulb socket. A unique plastic adapter, which consists of two parts, one part of which is screwed into the lamp holder instead of a light bulb, and the other part is put on a light bulb. Easy, quick, and safe way to replace a light bulb (Lviv).
  • IDvizer – an AI-based facial ID verification engine. Built-in security tool made to measures of your business model (Kyiv).

25. The 30th and 31th Pitch Days

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):

  • SmartZavod – Hardware and SAAS that fully automates and simplifies the prototyping process for Hardware Startups and R&D departments (Kyiv).
  • Innstoria – platform to create a full-fledged website with products, categories, a basket and online order option in just 40 seconds, using a page on Instagram (Kyiv).
  • MATHEMA – an online math school for K-12 (Kyiv).
  • InputSoft – SaaS platform for optimizing the utilization of human and technical resources in airports (Kyiv).
  • RiseMe – creates personalized soundscapes, to help you focus (Lviv).
  • SKIDS – a mobile app with animated books for children, that will instill their love of reading and studying (Lviv).

The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):

  • SPOKK – a digital insurance platform with affordable microinsurance products and a full range of online services. Users can purchase a policy in a few clicks, file a claim online, find out the decision on the insured event almost instantly and receive a refund directly to their payment card (Kyiv).
  • TEHNOTABLE – the only manufacturer of tables with an electronic lifting mechanism in Ukraine, which helps to relieve tension from the back and strengthen the muscles of the whole body (Kyiv).
  • StudyDive – single platform to manage employee development plans that helps companies to increase employees’ learning engagement while decreasing spending on content procurement and management (Kyiv).

26. The 32th Pitch Day

The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):

  • ComeBack Mobility – smart sensors for crutches to monitor the load during the rehabilitation after the injuries of lower extremities (Dnipro).
  • – a marketplace of medical laboratory tests with added value that unites labs, nurses, medical centers and makes laboratory services more affordable and cheaper for customers (Kyiv).
  • Buysilentbox – soundproof office cabins allow increasing the efficiency of employees by reducing the overall noise (Kyiv).
  • IBeauty – the automated ecosystem for the beauty industry (Kyiv).
  • HoldYou – an online psychological aid service (Kyiv).

27. The 33th Pitch Day

The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):

  • NOTY.AI. A platform transforming video calls into actions. We transcribe meetings and summarize them, so our users can stay fully engaged during the meeting and have action items and follow-ups ready just after it. Noty is a knowledge keeper of your meeting data, so you can get any information in seconds by asking questions (Lviv).
  • WheelKeep. An invisible trip computer that helps cycling enthusiasts protect their bikes from irretrievable thefts and enjoy the freedom of everyday cycling. It includes a smart hardware device and a mobile application (Dnipro).
  • A voice bot for sales with AI. Calls customers, analyze their words, and responds according to a set script (Kyiv).
  • AdMarket. A marketplace in the field of offline advertising, which helps businesses with the management of advertising campaigns by introducing technological innovations in the processes of search, planning, and purchase (Kyiv, Odesa).
  • Connect 21. A platform for psychologists and psychiatrists, who will be with you 24/7. Here you can find a professional with specialized education and a therapeutic group. Colleagues will be able to choose special courses for the advancement of the quality level (Kyiv).

28. The 34-35th Pitch Day

The startups on a pre-seed stage ($25,000 grant):

  • Alter Ego. Simplified philosophy app to reduce anxiety (Lviv).
  • Fintellect. Financial super tool for small creative & IT agencies (Kyiv).
  • Drill. A unique application for training in tactical shooting and self-defense (Kyiv).
  • EmployFox. Tool for creating video vacancies (Kharkiv).
  • Vgreen. Vertical smart garden (Kyiv).

The startups on a seed-stage ($50,000 grant):

  • MISU. A mobile app and smart device which monitors people’s health 24\7 and prevents critical moments and critical conditions before they happen (Rivne).
  • AR Warriors. A multiplayer augmented reality game that will take children away from the couch (Dnipro).
  • AssayMe. A personal Wellness & Health Assistant enables one to monitor health conditions and prevent potential medical problems through a simple, at-home, self-administered urine test, as well it`s a comprehensive tool for Telehealth (Dnipro).
  • Recoshelf. Smart cameras for efficient sales of retail (Kyiv).
  • BloggerMall. ML-powered influencer marketing platform (Kyiv).
  • Advicera. An AI-based startup advisor for founders from developing ecosystems (Kyiv).

The Ukrainian Startup Fund is constantly accepting new applications. So if you have an interesting startup at the pre-seed or seed stage, go to our website There are all the details about getting a grant for your business.

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