Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021: Depositphotos

This was a defining year for Ukrainian tech, plenty of memorable moments: GitLab’s IPO, Grammarly became decacorn, 252 000 tech specialists in Ukraine, new VCs, media, tech educational institutions, global tech moguls hatched audacious deals.

TechUkraine initiated the project “Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Achievements 2021,” where we share the stories of the prominent stakeholders of the sphere – tech giants, startups, clusters, funds, media, accelerators, celebrating the success of the year and discovering what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into some of the most significant achievements-making developments of the year!


What are the key achievements of 2021 (Top 3)?

  • One of the major achievements of this year for Depositphotos is that the company has become a part of global international company VistaPrint – the design and marketing partner to millions of small businesses around the world.
  • As a result of this acquisition, we’ll get the resources and investment to accelerate our product innovation and expand our service offering to provide customers with the tools and support they need to stand out in the digital world. For our Ukraine-based team, it’s a unique opportunity to get access to the resources, knowledge, and culture of an international corporation while remaining to work in our favorite startup mode. Not to mention, we’re joining the company with incredible corporate culture, named as one of the best remote-first workplaces, one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality, with Robert Keane named the Best CEO for Women.
  • Also, thanks to this acquisition, we have even more opportunities to introduce foreign audiences to our product. We have access to tens of millions of users of Vista products and a much larger budget to promote products in the US, European and Australian markets.

Which challenges were the most impactful during the year?  

We will scale the product significantly, add many new features and solve even more user problems. We didn’t graze behind before, but we were limited: how many people we could hire, what to do and how to set priorities. Today we have no financial constraints; we can hire the right number of specialists. There are only time constraints: how quickly you can find and integrate new people. These are typical organizational difficulties.

The company currently faces two new challenges:

  • The first is to successfully integrate into the global team.
  • The second is to get all the possible resources to build a great product and attract many new users.

How will Ukrainian tech be developing? Approach, projections and perspectives for 2022?

We believe that Ukrainian tech trends will follow global trends. Among the trends that brands and companies will implement in 2022

  • super personalized approach to user experience, maximum personalization of content based on user preferences.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – what we also actively use in Depositphotos. (In order to constantly and effectively grow as a marketplace, we began experimenting with neural networks in 2018. As a result, a set of AI-based tools were developed to help our team, contributors, and clients make the most out of their work with Depositphotos.)
  • Gamification, development of the metaverse, and engagement of brands in-game worlds will become a way to demonstrate to global audiences that they’re young, reactive, adaptable, and engaged with digital culture.
  • Immersive technologies – 3D ads, AR filters, and shoppable lenses allow everyone with a smartphone to closely interact with, test, or customize a product before making a purchase online.

About Depositphotos

Depositphotos – one of the world’s leading content marketplaces. The library has over 200 million files, including royalty-free stock photos, vector images, illustrations, video clips, and music files.

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