Ukrainian government invites to learn digital skills in English

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is now encouraging people from all over the world to use the digital literacy educational series available in English on the web portal


Ukraine’s digital success story tends to be a common thing in the foreign media. Ukraine is a world leader in digital document development, and the first country to legislate electronic passports as being equivalent in status to traditional biometric paper documents. Number of users of the Ukrainian Diia app exceeds 13 mln citizens. In 2021, Diia app have grown more than five times. Now the daily growth of new users is plus 50,000-70,000. 
So far, there are two educational series in English:
  • “Cybernanny” — you will learn how to minimize the risks of losing your private, sensitive information, how to prevent cyber attacks or cyber fraud, as well as how to quickly recover from them.
  • “Digital literacy for civil servants 1.0. based on Google tools” — the educational series includes the capabilities and features of the functioning of free Google services for use in professional activities and everyday life.

The implementation of the English version of the educational series was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Strategic partner of the project Diia.Digital Education is EGAP program funded by Switzerland and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine assures that subsequently there will be even more educational series on digital literacy for viewing in English.

Valeriia Ionan, Deputy Minister for European Integration at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: “We have an ambition to make Ukraine a world champion in being digital. So, Diia.Digital Education is transforming from a national project to an international project. Every person in the world could learn digital skills for free. Diia.Digital Education is useful for those living in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia. Because learning has no limits.”

Diia.Digital education is a portal launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in early 2020 so that every citizen can study digital literacy free of charge. One of the strategic goals of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine is to teach 6 million Ukrainians digital literacy by 2024.

Training on the portal takes place in an innovative format — educational series with the participation of experts and celebrities. As of now, more than 70 educational free series are available for older people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, government officials, and schoolchildren. Upon completion, everyone will receive an electronic certificate. 70-80% of users watch all episodes of educational series and receive certificates.

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