[TechUkraine news] The secong phase of the Climate Innovation Vouchers has kicked off!

The secong phase of the Climate Innovation Vouchers has kicked off 17th of  January! Ukrainian greencubator team and CIVITTA in partnership with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union in Ukraine has launched the new phase of the Climate Innovation Voucher scheme as part of the FINTECC programme, aimed at increasing SMEs’ competitiveness to develop and implement climate technologies.
  • Ukrainian and Belarus cleantech entrepreneurs can receive a grant of up to EUR 50,000 to develop climate innovation, environmental technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.
  • SMB that implement or develop environmentally friendly technologies, registered as legal entities (private companies) in Ukraine, operate for at least one year before the application and are ready to co-finance at least 25 % of the grant amount can participate in the Voucher program.
  • After successful implementation in Ukraine since 2017 with EUR 1 million of grant funding, the project expands to Belarus offering grants and support to an ecosystem for clean-tech SMEs.

Six Ukrainian companies received Vouchers total amount of 240,000 euros in 2021:

  1. A Guinness-record-winning e-bike developer Delfast used the voucher to get a new “heart” for its bikes
  2. GO TO-U – a platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging management and operations
  3. xBeam 3D – prints with titanium. Its titanium wire xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology is significantly cheaper, safer, and faster than 3D printing with titanium powder
  4. PRANA – creates energy-efficient ventilation systems called recuperators
  5. TOKA, one of Ukraine’s leading EV charging networks, provides charging services and develops its charging stations.
  6. BIOsens developed a mobile lab that quickly detects toxic compounds called mycotoxins in crops – right at the field, without the need to send samples to remote labs and wait several days for results.
 Apply now! The grant application is open until February 28, 2022: https://climate.biz/en/
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