[TechUkraine news] BlaBlaCar’s tech hub in Kyiv and plans for a global bus marketplace

Did you know? BlaBlaCar is seizing the offline to online transition in Central & Eastern European and Latin American bus markets. BlaBlaCar techhub in Kyiv is leading that effort, connecting hundreds of bus carriers, and providing them with inventorymanagement and online distribution systems and new features.

French giant interviewed Igor Ivashchenko, VP Engineering CEE, on the direction of BlaBlaCar global marketplace and its technical challenges.

Under Igor’s guidance, engineers will work on improving the platform, creating and connecting new features that meet the needs of both bus carriers and passengers, and help find bus tickets more easily and reliably. The appointment comes at a key moment for BlaBlaCar, as the company has big goals of digitizing the Ukrainian bus transportation market and scaling the technology to Latin America.

  • What are your hiring plans? Up to about 50 employees for the start, but it’s likely that by the end of the year we’ll increase the numbers up to 80–100.

  • What’s the future for BlaBlaCar in Ukraine? The company has grown from a global carpooling community to become a global multimodal marketplace, uniting carpooling and buses for 100,000,000 users in Europe and Latin America on one platform. While the transportation industry is still recovering from the effects of the crisis, BlaBlaCar is gradually gaining momentum in growing markets, including Ukraine, which is one of the key markets for the company.

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