[TechUkraine news] The Founder Of Superludi Launches New Economy Business University Nextedo

The Founder Of Superludi Vlad Nozdrachev Launches Nextedo – New Economy Business University. The first program has been scheduled for July 2022. Nextedo is a short version of “next education”. Its goal is to provide new economy entrepreneurs and professionals with the knowledge and special skills that will lead to better business outcomes.
  • In a technological sense, Nextedo acts as an online platform. The following terms can describe the values of the university: new economy, business result, IT and community. A listener receives relevant knowledge at a comfortable place and at a convenient time. On a smartphone, tablet or computer. Entrepreneurs, specialists and corporate students get to be trained within the program. The Nextedo office will be located in Unit.City. The building is now being getting ready for the process.
  • Nextedo is about how to gain knowledge with pleasure, get a noticeable business result, see your growth due to the applied knowledge of the speakers, a convenient platform in your smartphone, and live discussions. The online platform saturates a learner with the experience of other people who create their businesses not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. The listener thus becomes part of the community.
  • Nextedo will manage the IT platform for online learning in the SUDO simulator format, the New Economy Days business event line, and the Superludi business school for the new economy.
The surge in popularity and profitability of Superludi has inspired me to create Nextedo. I am scaling the business. In the three years since the forming of Superludi, 30 speakers-practitioners have trained more than 7,000 graduates within 25 programs. Top managers of Nova Poshta, MEGOGO, Planeta Kino, Kyivstar, PUMB Bank, Toyota, Ivan Dorn’s Workshop, Goodwine, Pepsico, STB TV Channel, Privatbank, Mastercard whave been our learners. Our listeners live in Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan and other countries. Superludi Business School will become part of Nextedo University and I am the sole owner of it. We are  about the new economy. To keep up with the market and the consumer, you need to learn how to learn effectively, adapt quickly, be the customer of change and try a lot. Our entry point of power is the development of the entire ecosystem, in which an entrepreneur and his team are  trained in a convenient educational platform introducing new approaches and becoming part of the community.
Vlad Nozdrachev, the founder and the owner of Nextedo.
In the fall of 2021, Superludi, together with GR Capital, held the first NED on the topic of investments, and in 2022 there will be more meetups. They will be divided into topics: agrotech and foodtech, retail, development activities, investments.