Yaroslav Prygara, cofounder of REMO: “Our office is a gadget”

Ex-CEO of SHERP Yaroslav Prygara and a Managing Partner at Diligent Capital and a member of Supervisory Board of Kyivstar Daniil Pasko launched a startup for remote workers Remo that provides high-tech working spaces in the best places around the world.

We asked Yaroslav Prygara a few questions about the projects, key tech features, team, and scaling up plans. 

TechUkraine: What is Remo?

Yaroslav Prygara: REMO is the ideal solution for modern nomads, digital creators, and entrepreneurs who don’t want to choose between work or life and want to enjoy both to a 5-star level. Each office is designed by a group of architects from London and Estonia; they are spacious at 10m2 and divided into concentration and inspiration zones.

We are creating individual and team offices integrated into the world’s best hotels.

Yaroslav Prygara
Daniil Pasko

TechUkraine: Who are the founders and investors of it? Tell our readers more about the team.

Yaroslav Prygara: I & Dan Pasko are founding investors. A significant portion of stock are distributed to the international team. Also we have more than 20 angel investors from Ukraine and other countries. 

From the very beginning, we set a goal – to build a global company, it must be a world-class team NOW!

Although it was not an end in itself, it turned out that the senior managers of WeWork set up the core team of Remo:

  • Our Head of Design has created offices for Facebook and Amazon, and before that, worked for many years in the world’s top architectural firm, Adamson Associates.
  • Head of Development & Sales was one of the first WeWork employees in Latin America with experience running more than 30 WeWork locations. Before that, he had expertise in creating his own startup and raising investments in Silicon Valley.
  • Head of Customer Experience was responsible for WeWork’s customer experience in New York, HQ city of the company. For many years was Head of Customer Experience at Drybar, one of the largest US networks.

TechUkraine: How was the idea of the project born?

Yaroslav Prygara: The idea was born in Bali, where Dan Pasko traveled and worked remotely at the end of 2020 – the beginning of 2021 and faced with the pain of remote workers when they live in the hotel and don’t have appropriate conditions to work efficiently. When he returned to Kyiv, we met; I came back from Mexico and saw how many people came to Mexico and worked remotely there. And Dan offered me to establish a company and solve the problem. 

TechUkraine: What kind of features characterize the PropTech startup?

Yaroslav Prygara: First of all, we are not a real estate company.

Our office is a gadget.

  • It is prefab – it mean no construction needed,
  • it is movable – it means you can move the office space from one hotel to another,
  • it has a lot of IT features – can be fully managed from our app + the best office IT solutions are included.

Also, we just own the technology and can produce our office in different factories. As a result, we believe we have created a very scalable business model avoiding main risks are connected to a real estate company.

TechUkraine: Which type of business model does Remo have?

Yaroslav Prygara: We are owners of our modules at this stage, and our clients can rent office space using our app or become remo.club member and get the space free of charge if they live in the hotel or they can rent the office space via the app.

TechUkraine: Where will be the first projects launched? Why?

Yaroslav Prygara: The first location will be opened in Kyiv because we believe it will be the best place to test it in the place we know very well. The next several spots will be opened in Mexico, near Cancun, and the US as the North American market is the most interesting for our model and the biggest one. 

TechUkraine: What are your plans for 2022?

Yaroslav Prygara: To open several locations, test our hypothesis, and raise the next round. 

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