[TechUkraine news] DutchBasecamp launched Internationalisation Readiness programme “the Globaliser”

Our partners DutchBasecamp, an Amsterdam-based non-profit organisation that helps startups and scale-ups towards international growth, announced that it is going international. As a part of the strategy, DutchBasecamp is going to open its 12-week Internationalisation Readiness programme “the Globaliser” to European entrepreneurs.
The programme consists of five sessions:
  • Introduction: Kick-off
  • Phase 1: Market opportunity
  • Phase 2: Go-to-market strategy
  • Phase 3: Building the business case
  • D-Day: Assembling the road map
Emilie Verbunt, director of DutchBasecamp: ”We have developed tools, methodology, and demand-driven programmes that are very successful in the Netherlands. The 12-week programme is filled with plenary sessions with industry experts, experienced founders, coaching, and peer-to-peer learning. We tailor the sessions to the needs of the cohort, which is now specifically focused on European SaaS scale-ups.”
So far, DutchBasecamp has helped 600+ startups and scale-ups that have expanded to over 80 countries globally.
 Discover more: https://dutchbasecamp.org/