[TechUkraine news] Diia Summit: new services in Diia platform and Diia.City kicks-off

Today the digital platform Diia celebrates its second anniversary – a conceptual implementation of the “Country in a smartphone” program.

Within the event Diia Summit by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov presented the achievements of Diia and new services of the platform:

  1. place of registration,
  2. criminal records,
  3. building permits,
  4. sharing of driver’s licence
  5. e-support for veterans

Users will soon be able to change their registered address online in one day, and have building permit applications reviewed instantly.

During the event the Diia.City kicks-off – a special legal and tax framework for tech companies. British fintech unicorn Revolut with Ukrainian roots joins the Diia City as well as EPAM Ukraine, SoftServe, and MacPaw.

  • Each company at Diia.City can select the method of hiring employees that works best for them. Diia.Сity enables companies to hire talent as contractors (called individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine) or as ‘GIG’ workers, a classification available only in Diia.City.
  • Now the elements of the common law legal system are implemented in Ukrainian legislation: investment and management mechanisms familiar to foreign venture investors are incorporated in Diia.City.
  • Property rights to computer programs and databases will belong to the customer (employer) by default. Also, the parties can agree on other conditions, fixing them in the contract.
  • The state guarantees residents of the Diia.City the stability of conditions for 25 years, as well as observance of the rights and legitimate interests of residents and the specialists.

Also, the President Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced that vaccinated over 60s in Ukraine to be offered free smartphone and cheap tariff.

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