The Wall Streat Journal: Ukraine’s Tech Workers Help War Effort While Still Churning Out Code

Ukraine’s tech sector is carrying on despite the Russian invasion. IT workers across the country are churning out code for clients, while at the same time many are aiding the war effort.

The Wall Street Journal European tech reporter Sam Schechner joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the situation with Vitaly Sedler, CEO of Intellias.

Vitaly Sedler: We try to help people as much as possible. So of course, we support them financially by paying advanced salary so that people have money in their pockets. Sometimes some of them live without having money in their pockets, right? So that’s how we help as well. We also compensate, give some money for them for relocation, for hosting for a few days or for a few weeks so that they can cover this direct expenses that they get when they leave their homes.

Well, for today, we are almost finished with our logistics. So they are fully focused on restoring our engineering, our delivery process on one hand, on the other hand, fully focused to keep relationships with our clients so that we can be sure that economics continues and business continues, that we’re delivering services, services paid, we have money to pay to our people. So that’s my key focus for now.

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