Grammarly, Depositphotos, MacPaw, Preply stopped cooperating with Russia

Many Ukrainian companies stopped cooperating with any Russian business not to support the occupying country financially – some of them:

  • Grammarly: “We have also made the decision to block users located in Russia and Belarus from using Grammarly products or services.”
  • VistaCreate and Depositphotos suspend all business in Russia and Belarus: “Due to the military activities carried out by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, and in light of international sanctions, Depositphotos and VistaCreate will stop all sales as well as halt providing services to clients and partners from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.”
  • MacPaw Inc. products are no longer available within the territories of Russia and Belarus: “But why did we decide to do it now? Before, we’ve used our products to spread information about Ukraine to Russian and Belarusian users. For instance, we’ve placed links on our apps leading to the article aimed at Russian and Belarusian people, with a list of independent media platforms reporting on the war.”
  • Preply:
    1. We will play our role in joining the full economic isolation of Russia Tutors located in Russia are now unable to earn money through the Preply platform. We have blocked all those tutors from teaching on Preply and we will stop work with any partners based in Russia.
    2. Preply will make a monthly donation equal to all revenues earned in Russia Learners located in Russia are still able to study with tutors from other countries. Preply’s donation will go to Ukrainian humanitarian causes. We believe language learning gives people the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond their country of birth, which is now more essential than ever.

Additional data by Opendatabot:

  •  Jooble
  •  Djinni
  • Depositphotos
  • Grammarly
  • Parimatch Tech
  • Readdle
  •  Poster POS
  •  Serpstat
  •  KUNA Exchange
  •  LetyShops
  • Bitrix 24 Ukraine
  • inCust Ltd.
  • eSputnik
  • YouScan
  • Competera Pricing Platform

Tech companies and communities are activating all efforts to provide maximum support to the country and their employees. Every day they help families who are forced to leave their homes, support the community, the defenders, all those who need support now, believing that the victory of justice, democracy, freedom, and Ukraine is near!