Ajax Systems remains resilient despite war in Ukraine and prepares for the launch of new products

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Ajax Systems does not sit idly by, waiting for peace. Instead, the company is doing everything necessary to ensure the protection and safety of its people, business and supplies to partners.

So far, Ajax Systems has relocated over 600 employees along with their families to safe regions in Ukraine and Europe. The manufacturer also does everything to ensure that its own and partners’ businesses work as usual. Right now, the company is in the process of relocating the stocks of finished goods and relaunching its production facilities. The regular shipments to partners were renewed on March 9. 

Speaking of the existing systems, the Ajax server infrastructure function without interruption, so users and partners don’t have to worry about the stability of already installed systems. Ajax’s servers are geographically dispersed throughout Europe in Amazon data centers in Ireland and Germany. This is a proven, worldwide practice for large manufacturers and organizations.

The company also continues working towards launching new products. Ajax devices that were announced during the Special Event presentation will soon become available according to schedule.

Here is the list of the company’s upcoming novelties and innovations.

  • Fibra wired line of security devices. The new Fibra product line of wired devices embodies all the advantages of the wireless Jeweller products. A line of 2,000 meters can even cover a multi-floor building, while the power consumption is 100 times lower than the industry average for digital wired detectors. Like in Jeweller devices, data transmission within Fibra is encrypted, the devices are equipped with anti-sabotage technologies, the system is fast to install and allows remote control via smartphone.
  • MotionCam series supporting photo on demand. Initially, the camera of MotionCam detector was only activated in case of an alarm. This limited functionality dismissed the privacy issue. However, the request for the photo-on-demand feature remained on the agenda of the market. To provide Ajax users with more photo verification options, the company’s engineers had to re-invent their own detectors while taking care of the privacy issue. Eventually, both versions — with and without photo-on-demand support — will be available on the market.
  • MultiTransmitter with an integration module supporting 2/3EOL. The MultiTransmitter integration module will receive support for detector connection with two and three resistors. This way, it will be able to distinguish more types of events from the connected wired detectors. This will make renovation more flexible with multi-zone alarms in commercial properties and increase the number of compatible detectors.
  • Socket with type G plug. The UK version of the device will have a functional button allowing you to control the socket without the app or Button. Also, the settings will become more flexible: a configurable overcurrent threshold, fine-tuning of brightness and resetting of the electric power meter. The new Ajax socket will have an unprecedented range of over-the-air communication: up to 7 times longer than competitors in the smart home segment. The maximum radius is up to 1,100 meters of two-way encrypted connection which does not depend on Wi-Fi.

Recently, Ajax launched the operation in Canada via Lanvac Surveillance Inc., a Canadian national wholesale third-party monitoring company, that became the first wholesale provider in North America to offer their dealers full functionality of Ajax Systems.

Due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Ajax Systems has stopped sales and closed offices in Russia, as well as closed business in Belarus.


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