Uklon has launched an opportunity to make charitable contributions to the app

Ukrainian online ride-hailing service Uklon has added the option “Charitable contribution” to the application to support the project #UklonVolunteer, which provides logistics to the military, doctors, volunteers and those who need it. Thus, the company encourages each user to become a part of social initiatives.

According to the weekly report, since the launch of the #UklonVolunteer project and up to April 18, the company has invested UAH 3,593,533 in logistics for hospitals, the elderly, territorial defense and the Armed Forces. As a result, Uklon collected UAH 528,041 of the total amount thanks to user donations.

Within the reporting period the Uklon drivers made 9,947 trips and delivered:

  • 267,840 servings of food
  • 11,400 liters of water
  • 7,850 kg of products
  • 9,440 liters of fuel

To donate on the main screen of the application, click the “Charitable contribution” button and transfer the desired amount of money. Reporting on the results of assistance can be tracked weekly on the company’s social networks.

It should be mentioned that #UklonVolunteer is a project that helps volunteers and employees of the city’s critical infrastructure with transport. Uklon brought together those who need help (military, defense, volunteers, health workers) and those who can provide it (restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, supermarket chains).

As part of the project, Uklon cooperates with Mastercard, GetFeedback, WOG and Shell filling stations, which help to find fuel for volunteer cars. The chain of multi-brand online restaurants Foodz, Idealist Coffee, Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza prepares and delivers lunches for volunteers, hospitals and TPO, while Morshynska provides the necessary amount of water. The partners are liki24, who provide the necessary medicine. Hundreds of kilograms of products for field kitchens have been delivered by Uklon together with OVO. In addition, the company has partnered with Kyiv Volunteer, which brings together Honey, Milk Bar, Il Molino, Dilettante, Kyiv Food Market and the volunteer headquarters of the Balbek bureau, which makes it possible to coordinate the application collection process and the work of institutions.

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