How Glorium Technologies Stands with Ukraine

Since the first days of the russian invasion of Ukraine, the IT Army has contributed its impact to Ukrainian Glory against intruders. Volunteers have already developed a large base of contacts to help not only their team members and their families but also those who need support badly. IT companies actively joined volunteering throughout the country.

Let’s discover how American-Ukrainian a full-cycle app & software development company which covers specific client business needs Glorium Technologies with a head office in New Jersey, USA, and a development centers in Kyiv, Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland, Paphos, Cyprus tackles the wartime challenges.

Business Continuity Plan and the first reaction

Together with the team, Glorium Technology started to provide financial, psychological, and logistical assistance from the first days of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine to evacuate the people to safe regions. 

Firstly, the management developed the Business Continuity Plan, which helped the team prevent many risks that could happen in the future. Also, Ukraine-based specialists received financial support program. And then charity projects came their turn because we could not stand aside from the severe consequences of the humanitarian crisis in many regions of the country.

Today every business that has any connection with Ukraine can and should make its contribution to help certain sectors of the country’s economy. Glorium Technology is taking part in volunteering projects continuously. Chosen the financial path, the company became a tool for social support, fighting, and protecting civilians during such hard wartimes. 

Despite challenging times, Glorium Technologies takes part in maintaining economic stability in Ukraine:

  • Thousands of dollars were donated to support the injured people and those who suffered during the war;
  • Team members who joined the Armed Forces have been paid the compensation, and their positions have been saved.

Teammembers on the assistance fronline

Glorium Technology’s staff has already joined the volunteering. The company provides comfortable conditions and material rewards for team members who spend their free time on volunteer work. For instance, Bogdan Tushevskiy and Serhii Malyshev organize financial support for Armed Forces brigades and military volunteers, who regularly visit active fighting places.

Bogdan Tushevskiy

In the first week of the war, Bogdan Tushevskiy was able to find people who developed websites and services and forward them to the western audience to broadcast facts and events and collect funds to purchase traffic on these sites. The parallel search of armor/turnstiles/thermal insulation manufacturers continued day and night. At that time, the Instagram of our Glorium Technology volunteer became a complete hub of help for those who needed it and those who could provide it.

Once he had to help get 3 tons of medicines from Lviv to the Chernihiv region, and he could never think that in thirty minutes, he would find a way out of the railway from Ukrzaliznytsia, which provided its commodity carriages for such needs.

Serhii Malyshev

Since the beginning of the russian invasion, Serhii has worked in the Coordination Center of the Volyn Military Administration and was actively involved in accepting humanitarian cargo from Europe, searching for volunteers to help with delivery and shipment.

Humanitarian Days

Dmytro Stepanov, CTO from Glorium Technologies, presented a volunteering project, H-Days (Humanitarian Days), with the social impact mission to help Ukrainians who suffered from armed conflict. Team members from Ukraine, Poland, the USA, and other countries had a chance to work during the official vacation days on May 2 and 9, 2022, and all their earnings, $20,000, were transferred to the Umana Fund.

This volunteering project, H-Days, aims to improve the quality and quantity of medical services provided to Ukrainians during the war. The Canadian and American subdivisions of the Umana Foundation also take part in the delivery of medicines to the hospital and other organizations. Brave colleagues transferred all of this despite destroyed infrastructure and war hotspots.

Glorium Technologies’ donation accelerated the arrival of American medical workers in Poland and transported injured persons and those in critical condition for further treatment.

Glorium team efforts resulted in the value and care for hundreds of injured Ukrainians who were saved from imminent death and also received hope for another peaceful life.

Thanks to the Umana fund, the team purchased two ventilation systems and three cardiac event monitors (ECG) for the Kharkiv and Lviv military hospitals. And now, the demanding campaign to raise funds for similar most needed medical equipment for Ukrainian defenders is underway.

Together for victory

Glorium Technologies team will continue to serve and support Ukraine, to be socially involved in the country’s struggle for democracy and sovereignty. The war is not finished, and all of us need to continue charity and volunteering work.

According to the current situation, the team decided to hold regular H-Days volunteering projects in the future. For example, in June, will be 2 of it: after Trinity (June 13) and on the Day of the Ukrainian Constitution (June 28). Moreover, the company invites other IT companies to join the initiative.

We need to unite our efforts and, step-by-step, bring justice and victory to the kind, hardworking, and free people in Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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