Interview with Primsell: French-Ukrainian tech team builds global WEB 3.0 startup

Founded few months ago by 3 cofounders with Ukrainian and French roots, today Primsell is developing FinTech solution helping brands to turn the consumer’s purchase into NFTs.

We asked the Primsell team about the launching a new project in wartime, participation in Startup Wise Guys acceleration program, WEB 3.0, and the next steps for the startup.

TechUkraine: When and how the idea of the startup was born?

Primsell team: We are 3 co-founders with 2 common interests: Ukraine and Web3!

Our co-founder Kevin Markowski already managed a startup called Spitche which is a software helping brands with consumers’ engagement. Through this adventure, he thought a lot about how to help brands with new technology, got a lot of feedback about their future expectations and how the next big thing with Blockchain will disrupt their operations.

By meeting the 2 other co-founders Yuliana Solod and Rostyslav Bortman in Kyiv, we talked a lot about the power to build an end-to-end solution for brands to use blockchain without having the need to be an expert on this technology. After a couple of cups of coffee at Spaces Maidan (thanks Yulia Lytvynenko), it turns out to be a FinTech solution helping brands to turn the consumer’s purchase into NFTs. It became very relevant based on our mutual experience and background: Kevin, expert in Consumer Engagement and E-commerce, Yuliana, expert in FinTech Product and Rostyslav, expert in Blockchain.

The complementary of the 3 co-founders built in one software.

TechUkraine: Who are the team members? Tell us about background of the co-founders.

Primsell team: Primsell is currently a team of 6 people with 3 co-founders (2 Ukrainian and 1 French) based between Barcelona and Lisbon + 3 developers based in Ukraine. The company was created in Estonia a few weeks ago in order to facilitate this organization.

Three co-founders have extensive backgrounds in different spheres:

  • Kevin Markowski (CEO), a serial tech entrepreneur, is driving the business vision and currently leading Spitche as CEO, a software helping brands to turn their consumers into brand ambassadors (who can also be the first buyers of brand NFTs… )
  • Yuliana Solod (COO) is driving the product vision and operational activities, having previous experience in both operations and product management in leading tech companies.
  • Rostyslav Bortman (CTO) is leading the development team, has outstanding expertise in Blockchain and he is a founder of Kyiv Ethereum Community.

TechUkraine: What is the project about? What is the challenge and which is your solution?

Primsell team: The future of e-commerce is linked to Blockchain and Primsell wants to help brands to accelerate the adoption of this technology into their marketing operations.

We have noticed that lots of e-commerce brands are having the same challenge of fighting with transaction security issues, fraud & black market, without no access to the reselling process of their limited collections and at the same time it is comparatively hard for them to reach Gen Z.

Our solution provides an opportunity to turn e-commerce transactions to NFTs. It allows brands to guarantee full transaction security with the authenticity through smart contracts, access and full tracking of royalties from the reselling process. 

Moreover, for the end-consumer, it provides easy access to buy the NFT with “regular” currency so even people with low awareness about NFT or blockchain will be able to complete purchases and exchange NFTs for physical or digital products or services.

TechUkraine: How did you join the batch at Startup Wise Guys? What’s your experience and achievements  during the acceleration program?

Primsell team: It was a recommendation from Kevin’s friend, Mariia Tintul, who’s Heading Business Development at Startup Wise Guys. 

Since we created the company in Estonia (thanks Ülane Vilumets from the e-residency team), we had the opportunity to talk with them closely and it seemed to be valuable to challenge our idea in being pre-accelerated by their program at the same time that finishing to develop our MVP.

Experience has been quite good, we’ve been challenged to look at our product at different perspectives.

Some of the exercises were very useful during the Product/Market fit stage.

We learn how to properly organise our ideas, exchange experience with other entrepreneurs and better plan the next steps. We graduated a few weeks ago.

TechUkraine: What’s next?

Primsell team: We are planning to launch our MVP in September and get our first pilots by Q4.

The goal is to close 10+ campaigns before the end of the year in order to A/B test different models and scale our development both technical and business.

Our roadmap includes education sessions to our audience about the power of NFT and Blockchain for their Marketing strategy, we want to raise awareness about this technology with the help of our expertise and our software.

We are also implementing different scenarios like how NFT can be linked to customer’s loyalty in the future as our ambitious goal is to unlock the power of Blockchain to brands in many ways.

We are also taking the occasion to reach the TechUkraine’s community and pre-launch the registration of 100 beta users who will be able to use our software with a lifetime discount. 


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