Valencia Digital Summit 2022: Ukrainian Voices On The European Stage

On the 25-26th of October at the iconic City of Arts and Sciences, the fifth edition of Valencia Digital Summit by Startup Valencia gathered 12,000 attendees from 35 different countries, more than 400 national and international investors, 450 world-renowned speakers, around 1,500 startups, and over 130 sessions on various topics such as sustainability, blockchain technology, smart cities, talent acquisition, and corporate-startup collaboration.

Viroslava Novosylna, WTECH & SLOVA Tech PR, and Yegor Gordeev, 1+1 media Channel, represented Ukraine at Valencian Community’s flagship tech event. Let’s discover more about the new Mediterranean’s tech powerhouse and Ukraine on the stage.

Valencia Digital Summit 2022

Valencia Digital Summit is an annual tech event in Spain that showcases Valencia as the growing ecosystem on the European innovation map, rapidly becoming the Mediterranean’s startup powerhouse.

‘Inspiring the Good Future,’ this year’s event’s theme, demonstrated how technology, innovation, and digitalization are changing, impacting, and transforming every aspect of our lives in a positive way: corporate innovations, blockchain, Medtech, spacetech, metaverse, impact investments, etc.

This year among speakers, partners, and guests was Meta, Ford, HP, Oracle Netsuite, Demium, Siemens Mobility, Oracle Netsuite, Helloprint, Red Eléctrica Elewit, Banco Sabadell BStartup, La Caixa DayOne, Correos, Valenciaport and many other large corporations, VCs, tech companies, and startups.

Featured topics during the conference:

  • Outstanding Ecosystems: Culture, Habits, and Ways to Improve
  • Europe in Flux. Tech to the Rescue?
  • Innovation in MedTech
  • Investment In Blockchain Companies vs Classical Startups
  • Open Innovation: Finding Opportunity in Corporate-Startup Cooperation
  • Smart Cities for a More Livable Future
  • Startups and Technology Transfer from Universities
  • Investing in Europe’s DeepTech Ecosystem
  • Frontiers of Quantum Computing
  • Best Practices for Brands Entering the Metaverse
  • Foundations for the Development of the Aerospace Industry in the Region
  • Consumerization of Web3 Beyond the Crypto Winter
  • The Mindset Shift towards Innovation at Ports
  • Corporate Innovation: a European Perspective

Ukraine in the spotlight

Two bright Ukrainian speakers were invited to the panel discussions at the conference. They shared their unique experience in wartime: running businesses, projects, teams, and communities, as well as new approaches to innovation and leadership.

Ukrainian tech entrepreneur Viroslava Novosylna, cofounder of female founders community WTECH, founder of agency SLOVA Tech PR, and VC PR Partner at TA Ventures.

During the panel “Delivering on Diversity,” Viroslava shared her opinion on:

  • how woman leadership supports Ukraine in wartime,
  • business and economic frontier,
  • community building and scaling internationally: now WTECH is based in 11 countries to help each other adapt, to search for new connections and build a career from scratch,
  • the power of the Ukrainian cyber army, as well as the PR & communication Armies which keeps fighting on the information battlefield from the first days of the invasion.

When men need to stay in Ukraine, women can leave and accomplish business tasks: investments, hires, and sales. It is not about gender, it is about each of us. Each of us has our own role, and we try to do our best.

Ukrainian TV professional Yegor Gordeev, Head of TV projects at 1+1 Channel.

Within the “Working with the Press/Media” panel together with colleagues Mike Butcher, TechCrunch’s editor-at-large, Joanna Kirk from JKPR, and Alberto Iglesias, Deputy Director at D+1 – EL ESPAÑOL, taking place at Innovation Stage, Yegor overviewed:

  • the impact of technology on Ukraine in times of war and globally,
  • spreading the ideas of innovations to broad audiences,
  • the Ukrainian benchmarks: the Diia app (docs, digital services, media, etc.) and the Monobank (digital bank without physical departments) used by millions of Ukrainians every day,
  • spotlighting the startups by large media outlets and how to be visible to them.

Linear television and digital go hand in hand. Today, in every day changing conditions, it is impossible to separate it. At the beginning of a full-scale invasion, we felt there was no barrier between us because mobile platforms became the fastest and most optimal distributor. They taught the media to be 100% interactive and to find the most intimate intonation in communication in the most difficult times. Now it is an opportunity for media and digital to be here and now for a wide audience, taking into account not only the flow of information but also the psychological needs of the audience.

VDS2022 Competition Winners

According to data from the Startup Observatory of the Valencian Community collected by Startup Valencia, the number of startups in the region has increased by 12% since November 2021 and has reached a total of 1,133.

Valencia Digital Summit seeks to promote innovative companies from the Valencian ecosystem in order for their projects to grow, consolidate and contribute to inspiring a better future. Following this mission during the event, the VDS2022 Competition took place, where the startup finalists represented various sectors: Logistics, Mobility, Health, Fintech, Insurtech, Industry 4.0, Foodtech, Software, and Traveltech.

According to the jury, the winners of the Competitions became (Seed & Growth Stage):

  • Trebellar: The startup founded by two Spanish entrepreneurs but based in USA centralises and analyses data generated by buildings so that it can be used effectively. By making buildings smart, Trebellar makes them more sustainable, efficient and comfortable, and it becomes the participation system for all building stakeholders.
  • Delivers.AI: Turkish startup, with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai, has developed a robot that offers an on-demand delivery service for food, groceries and parcels. It is designed to deliver products from shops to the customer’s doorstep completely autonomously, combining state-of-the-art navigation technology with aesthetic design.


Valencia Digital Summit is a perfect meeting point in South Europe for entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, corporations, investors, and policymakers.

It showcases a global high-impact platform that unvails disruptive solutions from the best innovative talents and creates business opportunities by fostering connections between key players, boosting the tech and innovation ecosystem.

Thanks, Startup Valencia team, for your great job: excellent program, insightful panels, meaningful connections, and, for sure, an unbeatable venue, the heart of technology in Valencia, City of Art and Sciences.

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