Talent, Brave, Resilient, Tenacious, Intelligent – Our Founders Are Steely Creatures!

In light of the latest scandal around Slush, VCs, and russian startup (fueled by migration crises caused by russian aggression), the revoked results due to public pressure, and discussions around it, I would like to share a few cases about Ukrainian tech teams during wartime with the aim to emphasize that a lot of treasure time of respected persons abroad spend discussing “good or bad russians/invest or not, etc.”; and you missed the core – Ukrainian teams that keep rocking despite all deserve your attention, partnership, clients, and investments without any objections.

Take a look:

  • Ajax Systems – the largest European wireless security systems: 50% growth during 9 months of the war, 130 countries, released the new line of products, new plant, enter several global markets.
  • Delfast Inc. – the fastest e-bike, Guinness World Record – 236 miles on one charge: launched new products, scaling in the USA. The team presented a medical e-bike used by volunteers in Kyiv and on the battlefield by our Army.
  • Esper Bionics – human augmentation startup recently featured on the cover of Time and named one of The Best Inventions Of 2022. The team launched the Esper for Ukraine project to help by providing Esper Hand prostheses for Ukrainians wounded by russian terrorists.
  • Respeecher – AI&ML solution for voice cloning, won an Emmy! During wartime, the Kyiv-based team synthesized a younger Luke Skywalker’s voice for Disney+’s The Mandalorian.
  • Cyber Unit Technologies – Cybersecurity and Web3 Software Development company with top-notch experts in defending and protecting corporations, global & local governments and institutions, as well as critical infrastructure. The architects of the frame & rules within the first global cyberwar.
  • SolarGaps – smart external Venetian blinds automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy. The team has recently partnered with the City of Zurich to implement smart urban building solutions.
  • Liki24.com – the e-commerce platform for medicine delivery; raised investments & scaling up in Europe. The company has launched a Medicine for Ukraine fund, compensating drug costs for those affected by war.

MacPaw, Reface, Petcube, Awesomic, ADAM bioprinting, Delfast, BetterMe, Headway, monobank, SoftServe, Sigma Software, UKRSPECSYSTEMS, Aerorozvidka… and hundreds and thousands of startups, scale-ups, who keep working, inventing, producing, serving, and donating – not complaining but doing! Overcoming all obstacles, and existential threats every day, facing unexpected challenges, but despite all – keep on track and prevail!

Talent, brave, resilient, tenacious, intelligent – our founders are steely creatures!

Keep an eye on those who run the hardest “marathon” and make impactful contributions to the global world!

Work! Invest & Spend With Ukraine!

Thanks to our courageous Army!

Visuals by Ajax Systems & Artem Gusev

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