DEV Challenge 2022: IT Solutions To Help Ukraine Win The War

This year DEV Challenge, Development Championship, lasted took place during September – October 2022, and developing IT solutions to help Ukraine win the war and rebuild the country after victory.

Since 2012 DEV Challenge has been the largest European IT competition. During the Championship, more than 22,000 specialists took part in it. Participants from the CEE countries of the region participated this season. 

DEV Challenge XIX in numbers

  • 2211 registered participants
  • 100 finalists
  • 19 winners
  • 40 judges and experts
  • 7 nominations

As part of the Championship, DEV Challenge lets IT specialists work on socially significant tasks. In this way, the initiative helps IT specialists grow and boosts social and government projects.

This season, DEV Challenge concentrated on developing IT solutions to help Ukraine win the war that the Russian Federation started and rebuild Ukraine after it.

The project team has received requests for tasks from such stakeholders: 

  • Ministry of Defense
  • Center for Civil Liberties
  • Charitable Fund “Svichado”
  • KOLO and others.

The mechanics of submission of tasks by participants and evaluation of tasks by judges take place on the Championship platform

Nominations: Backend, Frontend, Manual QA, Product Design, UI Design, IOS Developer.

Online Round

  • Participants of the Manual QA nomination conducted testing for a mobile application for the development of preschoolers – “Numo” from UNICEF.
  • In the Frontend, UI Design, and iOS Developer categories, participants developed an interactive map of wartime crimes from the Center for Civil Liberties.
  • Participants in the Product Design nomination updated the website for the “Swichado” Charitable Foundation.

For the first time, Finals took place for three days, October 28 – October 30, in Lodz, Poland, in online & offline format.


  • In the Manual QA nomination, the finalists tested the website of the oldest in Ukraine Charitable Foundation “Swichado“, which provides material and technical assistance to Ukrainian hospitals where premature babies are saved.
  • The finalists of the Product Design nomination worked to improve the UNICEF initiative “Spilnoteka” – a catalog of digital and printed materials on the topics of safety, nutrition, health and hygiene, psychological and social support, etc.
  • In the UI Design category, participants developed an alternative design for 2 main features of the KOLO product: the holiday creation module (including the creation of promotion tools) and the donation module for Happy KOLO.

Currently, the organizers are transferring the submitted tasks of the finalists to each stakeholder and are confident that these developments will help each of them in their projects.


In the 19th season, the judging panel consisted of 40 IT experts from around the world. 10 of them hold the position of CTO.

Represented by such companies as Atlassian, Google, Readdle, Figma, Bolt, etc. 40 judges are representatives from 13 countries.

You can get acquainted with a panel of judges by following the link.


For the first time, the Final was held in three days:

  1. The First day of the Final, October 28, was dedicated to the opening, the finalists’ work on the tasks, and the evaluation of the tasks by the judges. 100 finalists, 40 judges, and 7 hours to complete the final task.
  2. The Second day of the Final was held in the format of Friends Day, October 29: speeches by speakers, feedback from judges, and announcement of winners.

Nine top speakers from the partners and judges spoke:

  • How to be (not)bad software engineer? Speaker: Arnika Hryszko – QA Chapter Lead at Volvo Group.
  • Product-led Engineering Management.  Speaker: Marek Miltner – Head of Engineering at Uizard.
  • How big is data engineering: a new reality for a better career. Speaker: Karol Bokszczanin – Lead BigData Engineer at SoftServe.
  • How to code & cloud differently. Speakers: Joanna Parasiewicz – Head of Communication & Marketing at OVHcloud and Tomasz Sobol – Cloud Marketing Development Manager CEE at OVHcloud
  • Who is IT [the product] for and Why should they care? Speaker: Nik Page – Head of Product Research & Design at Wflow.
  • Antitime Management: for those who are tired of keeping up with everything (but you have to). Speaker: Olha Malinina – Head of QA at WebGroup
  • We are designing the future. Speaker: Aiden Sadigov – Product Designer at Awesomic.
  • Building a bank in the cloud. Speaker: Wojtek Ptak – Head of Engineering at Revolut.

The performances of speakers and finalist announcements are available on YouTube.

On the Third day of the Final, there were performances by experts in programming, testing, UI and UX design, Product Development, and IT Management:

  • The design bugs eating the world. Speaker: Sergio Tavares – Lead Service Designer and Coach at frog.
  • Ideas vs Fantasies – Making Effective Product Decisions. Speaker: Andrian Budantsov – CTO at Readdle.
  • Inclusive design and why you should do it. Speaker: Natalia Filvarova – UX Researcher at Google
  • How to start with IoT today. Speaker: Martin Urban – CTO at Purple Technology.
  • We are designing the future. Speaker: Timur Mikhieiev – UI/UX Product Designer at Awesomic.
  • Testing is based on experience: why you should forget the hats and go back to the beginning. Speaker: Olha Malinina – Head of QA at WebGroup.
  • Did curiosity kill the cat? Speaker: Oleksii Ostapov – QA Test Lead at Infopulse.

You can watch the Third Online Day on the Projector platform.

Prizes and winners 

The best 100 participants were selected for the Final, who competed for prizes from our partners Infopulse, Readdle, Luxoft, KITRUM, and AMO.

Backend nomination:

  • 1st Place: Electric Scooter from AMO
  • 2nd Place: OVERMAX X-Bee Dron Fold One from KITRUM
  • 3rd Place: GoPro Hero 9 from Luxoft

Frontend nomination:

  • 1st Place: iPad Air from Readdle
  • 2nd Place: Apple Watch from Readdle
  • 3rd Place: Apple HomePod Mini from Readdle

iOS Developer nomination:

  • 2nd Place: Apple Watch from Readdle

Manual QA nomination:

  • 1st Place: voucher ISTQB exam from Polish Testing Board and prize from Infopulse
  • 2nd Place: voucher ISTQB exam from Polish Testing Board and prize from Infopulse
  • 3rd Place: prize from Infopulse

UI Design nomination:

  • 1st Place: Apple HomePod Mini from Readdle

Product Design nomination:

  • 1st Place: Apple iPad Air from Readdle
  • 2nd Place: prize from Infopulse
  • 3rd Place: prize from Infopulse

Also, for the first time in the history of the Championship, the winner will receive not only real prizes but also the champion’s cup in NFT format, which we will send to his crypto wallet.

The winners

  • 1st Place in Backend: Anton Berezhnyi – Engineer at GoCreator GroupA with more than 10 years of experience from Ukraine, Kyiv. Passionate about technology, IoT, and Smart things. 
  • 1st Place in Frontend: Pasha Kisil – 24-year-old Frontend developer from Dnipro, working in a small product company Katrus as a Vue.js developer, which develops a freelance exchange for copywriters.
  • 2nd Place in iOS Developer: Oleksandr Pyroh – the iOS developer from Kyiv, working at Zeus Electronics. He is interested in board games and loves old strategies and science fiction.
  • 1st Place in Manual QA [Lite]: Yevhenii Diachenko – Data QA Engineer at Plarium from Kharkiv. In December of last year, he started retraining as a software tester and studied testing at the IT NAtion 2.0 project, which held a hackathon among its graduates, at which Yevhen took first place in the team.
  • 1st Place in Manual QA [Hard]: Olesya Maslyuk – Test Lead at EPAM from Kyiv. She is taking part in the DEV Challenge for the third time and this time she won. As a hobby, she practices yoga, likes to help others develop, and always devotes time to self-development, various courses, training, and conferences.
  • 1st Place in UI Design: Borovik Maksym – Chief UX/UI designer at startup AERX (Web 3.0 project), originally from Mariupol, currently living in Kyiv. Takes part in the DEV Challenge for the second time:

“I participated in these competitions last year when I took 2nd place. I remember how Yevgenia Bespalova told me after the final “to take 1st place next year”. These competitions were very important to me because all these circumstances with the war greatly affected me since my hometown was destroyed, and my family is still there, so it was already a challenge for me, I wanted to bring joy to myself and my relatives at such a time. I love the DEV Challenge product and have recommended and will continue to recommend these competitions to everyone. This is an incredible experience and a lot of bright emotions.”

  • 1st Place in Product Design: Avrora Shuhalii – Lead Product Designer at Transcenda, from Ukraine, but since the spring of this year has been living in Poland. She has been designing for 6 years, teaches the Web Design Beginning course at Projector, runs the Instagram blog ux.avrora, mentors on the ADPlist platform, and runs a personal design course for beginners.
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