Ukrainian CyberUnit.Tech & RIOTDIVISION Have Released The First-Ever Cyber & Fashion Drop For Charity

The tech apparel brand and one of Ukraine’s leaders in cyber security joined forces to create the Cyber Warfare Legion collection.  All profits will go towards the purchase of generators for hospitals, via UNITED24.

Cyber Warfare Legion collection includes cotton T-shirts, hoodies with prints by illustrator Oleg Semak, laptop messenger bags and cyber-protected phone wallets made from Faraday fabric that blocks 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. 

The CWL collection is the result of the synergy between two powerful companies, their teams and leaders. The concept drop was intended to unite two industries, design and technology, and create a product of global scale. – CyberUnitTech СЕО, Yehor Aushev.

Cyber Warfare Legion is the first collection by RIOTDIVISION to be created to the sound of generators, which makes its ultimate goal rather symbolic: all profits from the sale will be transferred via the UNITED24 platform towards purchasing generators for Ukrainian hospitals.

It’s incredibly difficult to work in the dark, looking for the right way to finish the pockets of a hoodie. But at the same time, it gives an understanding of the much more difficult, titanic work our doctors and rescuers perform in the dark. We hope that these clothes will bring people light, both literally and figuratively speaking. – Platon Osadchy, RIOTDIVISION brand strategist.

You can buy Cyber Warfare Legion items in the RIOTDIVISION store and on their website. Items can be delivered anywhere in the world, including via the DHL service.

Two co-founders of the world-class companies are the Ukrainian front runners in defending the country during a full-scale invasion:

  • Cyber: Cofounder of CyberUnit.Tech Yegor Aushev is the architect of the Ukrainian cyber army, assembling up to 1000 cyber specialists from the first days of a full-scale invasion worldwide. The CyberUnit.Tech team invented the rules for the ongoing cyber war.
  • Fashion tech: The founder of the brand RIOTDIVISION Oleg Moroz has defended the country in the armed forces and participated in the fightings from the first days of the full-scale invasion.
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