UKRAINIAN IT STORIES. A documentary film about the development of technology.

Last week there was a premiere of a new movie, “UKRAINIAN IT STORIES. A documentary film about the development of technology.”, which took place in UNIT.City and gathered a lot of ecosystem builders from Ukrainian Tech sector. 

A great overview of how the Ukrainian IT started, what inspired the pioneers of the industry, told by a number of talented entrepreneurs, acting as true role models and example to follow by a new wave of innovators. A good movie to understand the roots, current state and where the whole sector is heading. Taking into account the current explosive growth of the sector despite all the obstacles, definitely an interesting movie to watch for those, trying to understand Ukraine and its tech sector better.

Thanks for the movie to the team of UNIT.City and KNIFE! Films and to all the participants: Mykhailo FedorovAnton Melnyk (Міністерство цифрової трансформації України), Evgeni Utkin (Kvazar-Micro), Oleksandr Kosovan (MacPaw Inc. 🇺🇦), Taras Kytsmey (SoftServe), Yaroslav Azhnyuk(Petcube), Aleksandr Konotopskyi (Ajax Systems), Vladyslava Zatsarynna (DOU), Sofiia Shvets (Let’s Enhance), Vasyl Khmelnytsky (UNIT.City ), Illya Kabachynskyi (AIN.Capital), Roman Mogylnyi (Reface).  Your stories are very inspiring!

The movie was made for United24 support campaign. You can donate to aid here.

This week the movie became available for the wider audience. Proudly presenting it to you:

English Version

Ukrainian Version