TechChill community launches Fifty Founders Battle with founder-funded prize pool

Applications for the annual TechChill Fifty Founders Battle are open, where early-stage startup winners stand to win a community prize pot of a minimum of 10,000 EUR, no strings attached, and a chance for a syndicated investment of up to 150,000 EUR from BaDideas fund. Contributing community members include Longenesis, eazyBI, Lokalise, Gravity Team, Sellfy, Helve, Truesix, and Change Ventures. TechChill Riga will take place on April 26-28 in Riga, Latvia.

Additionally, the syndicated investment opportunity prize, 150,000 EUR, is provided by BaDideas fund – a fund made up of founders backing founders with crazy ideas. Together, the prize pool is a testament to the maturity of the ecosystem, and the unity of its participants who are literally betting on each other.

The Fifty Founders Battle is the flagship event’s annual pitch battle, open to early-stage startups that have not received more than 250,000 EUR in equity funding, and usually are less than 3 years old. The battle is industry-agnostic – all startups from peaceful countries are welcome to participate and can apply online at

Applications will be open until March 10, and the 50 founders semi-finalists will be announced on March 29. They will participate in the Fifty Founders Bootcamp on April 26, with semi-finals held on April 27 and the final showdown on April 28 – the final day of TechChill Riga.