Three Ukrainian Startups attended the Paris Blockchain Week

Three Ukrainian startups attended the Paris Blockchain Week

This year Paris Blockchain Week was attended by variety of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives and other professionals from IT sector. There were 8,500 attendees from 76 countries, according to the article, written by  for Ukraine Digital News.

Paris Blockchain Week

Ukraine was present in several ways. Firstly, on the humanitarian side, the UNHCR received an award for its cash transfer system for displaced Ukrainians. System was launched in December 2022. Moreover, it was touted as “the first-of-its-kind integrated blockchain payment solution powered by the Stellar network to reach people in need with speed, agility, and accountability.”

On the business side, Ukraine was represented by three startups. Here they are:

1. Hacken — a blockchain security auditor
Hacken Logo

Hacken is a Kyiv-based startup which was founded in 2017. Now company is consist of 150 employees and serving 1,300 customers.

Hacken addresses a crucial issue in the Web3 industry — security. Startup provides tools and services to prevent several kinds of danger: combat scams, hacks and manipulations. In addition, it asserts the ethical, legal and responsible corporate practices.

2. DressX — a digital fashion NFT marketplace and solution provider


DressX is Ukrainian online digital clothing store, launched by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova in August 2020. Before the DRESSX, its founders were involved in the traditional fashion industry – they ran their own showrooms in Paris. Before that they developed the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days fashion week in Ukraine.

In order to put on a new clothes, you just need to send your photo to the app. After 24 hours, the processed image is returned to the buyer with the thing which is “put on” according to his figure. In the application you can try on fashionable images through the camera of your smartphone in real time, to buy the ones you like and to get them on the photo.

3. Kyrrex — a crypto exchange

Kyrrex Logo

Kyrrex was launched in 2016. Two years later, founders created a group of companies — a software development firm in Ukraine and a crypto exchange in Malta. Side activities include a tournament intended for gamifying crypto trading.

Kyrrex is a regulated crypto exchange platform. Its products and services include a crypto exchange, a liquidity hub, OTC platform and wallets, a crypto merchant platform, banking and tokenization platforms, targeting both institutional and retail customers. 


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