Crypto-Smartphone by Ukrainian Blockchain Startup

Ukrainian blockchain startup Solana announced release of a smartphone. It’s name Saga. The main feature of the product is a smartphone’s integration with the blockchain

Saga Smartphone

Thanks to technology, it is possible to make blockchain transactions from a smartphone and manage digital assets such as tokens and NFTs. Encryption keys are stored in a self-developed Seed Vault.

With a wallet program such as Phantom or Solflare, customer can sign transactions on the Solana network with a single touch of the sensor, and in some cases by entering a PIN.

“Setting up a wallet and getting started is relatively easy here. Through a simple registration process, I exchanged USDC to Solana (SOL) in minutes through the Jupiter exchange aggregator program and bought NFTs through the Tiexo marketplace. I took a photo of the chaos in the Times Square and then immediately minted it as an NFT through the Minty Fresh program,” — the journalist from the Decrypt said in a review.

Cryptosmartphone is already available for people who have made a pre-order, new orders will start on May 8th.

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