Cyberspace Strengthening in Ukraine: Decision on Bug Bounty Mechanism

Ukrainian government has approved the mechanism for conducting Bug Bounty mechanism. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution developed by the State Special Communications Service, which establishes the procedure for searching and identifying potential vulnerabilities in electronic systems. This will enable the launch of a comprehensive national Bug Bounty program to test information systems for vulnerabilities, promptly detect risks, and enhance system security, — the press centre of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine informs. 

Bug Bounty is the testing of electronic services involving external experts to identify weaknesses and flaws in software products. This procedure is widely used worldwide. However, conducting Bug Bounty for government systems was previously unacceptable in Ukraine. Now, we are implementing modern tools for verification and protection.

The launch of Bug Bounty programs will:

– Increase the level of cybersecurity for information systems
– Counter unauthorized access to information systems
– Enhance the cyber resilience of information systems against incidents

It should be noted that ethical hackers from around the world have previously confirmed the reliability of the actions taken during the Bug Bounty program. No vulnerabilities affecting security were found in the application.


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