Blockchain Hub Kyiv: the first and only specialized Hub in Ukraine

Blockchain Hub Kyiv plays a leading role in the creation of innovative projects and ideas based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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The Hub is located in the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv, and occupies a space of 700 m2.

What is/was the challenge?

The blockchain and crypto ecosystem of Ukraine took root in 2014 with the opening of Satoshi Square, the first in the CIS Bitcoin embassy and the Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine. During this time, several people worked at the Bitcoin embassy, while enthusiasts and experts exchanged ideas at meetings in the square. “In 2014 we were gathering in Satoshi square and talking about cryptocurrency. There were not many of us, but we were confident about the future of blockchain and Bitcoin,” – Mike Chobanyan, Founder of BlockchainHub.

The community was growing and reached the critical point in 2017. According to the Overview of the blockchain industry in Ukraine, the largest number of companies appeared in 2017 – 32%. In the same year, most of the big tech companies announced their blockchain services, which indicated inevitable positive future for the industry. The number of interactions between community members and events was increasingly growing, so the necessity to have one place that would be a facilitator of industry development in Ukraine appeared.

The project for the creation of Blockchain Hub was initiated by Mike Chobanyan, Founder of the first in CIS public crypto exchange Kuna, previously – Bitcoin Embassy and co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine at the end of 2017. At World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos the BlockchainHub project was presented. In March 2018, Hub opened its doors to blockchain projects and industry enthusiasts – most of the active ecosystem players became Hub residents at the beginning.

Success story

BlockchainHub Kyiv is a several directions project. First, it has four private offices for blockchain companies. Secondly, it has a coworking space where fixed, and not fixed places, are available so everyone can work in hub. Along with that, there are hub’s residents, prominent industry players, who work in the hub’s coworking space. The environment of Hub provides all necessary for productive work facilities, like Skype and meeting rooms, rest area, snacks and drinks.

Thirdly, BlockchainHub is the place where all events dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency take places. At meetups co-organized by BlockchainHub, jointly with blockchain projects industry specialists – developers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketologists and just interested people gather to learn, meet each other and collaborate. What is especially valuable for blockchain projects is the feedback that projects get during events. By organizing the possibility for blockchain ideas meet end users and test their concepts, BlockchainHub fosters blockchain technology development globally. At the same time, it popularizes cryptocurrency use and educates a broad audience about cryptocurrencies. 

BlockchainHub is a part of the Kuna Family projects that shape the blockchain ecosystem in Ukraine. Among them are BlockchainHub Academy for developers, Blockchain Association of Ukraine, CryptoRus charity fund and Kuna Exchange.

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