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Founded in 2009 in Kharkiv, Academy Smart is a Ukrainian outsourcing and outstaffing company that provides high technology applications and complex systems development services. 

The company works with FinTech apps, ERP systems, eLearning, Data Processing, Booking systems, Management systems, Cloud services and analytical platforms. 

With over 10 years of experience and a team of 100+ efficient developers Academy Smart provide technical expertise in Java, .NET, PHP / Laravel / Yii, Python, Angular, React, NodeJS, eLearning techs (Moodle, SCORM, Totara), QA, DevOps, Cloud services (AWS, Azure, GC). 

What is the challenge?

Extend existing framework that works with cloud systems public API and integrate it into the system. Add opportunity for customers to create budgets and custom money spending.

In the beginning, Cloudyn had integration only with the Amazon API system. 

While growing and getting more customers, the company noticed that clients began to use new cloud systems – Azure and OpenStack which were not covered by the existing solution. As a result, clients needed to get their servers analyzed. What is more important is advising about distributing their budgets over the different cloud servers rationally.

What is the solution?

Cooperating with the Cloudyn development team, we have solved the given problem by spending 6 months. However, a major problem in this situation was that the data structure provided by the API of Azure and OpenStack cloud systems did not match the existing data structure of Cloudyn’s system. So, Academy Smart had to change the existing solution extending the initial collector framework, modifying the database structure to unify the data collected from the different systems.

Using Spring, Spring Data, and a lot of third-party libraries, the problem was solved. The new module was tested with unit testing and integration test, and, as a result, the code coverage was about 80%.

What are the final results?

The integrated framework allows working with Google, Azure, Openstack systems now. Customers can benefit from money spending optimization recommendations for each of these systems, including private cloud.

Also, customers can create year and monthly budgets to have full control over their finance. Customers can change their cloud instances using the Cloudyn application and avoid using the Amazon console.

Thanks to Academy Smart that creates reliable bugs free software that saves costs, time and people resources in the long run Cloudyn forgets about digital issues and focuses on strategic goals achievement.

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