StepShot: leading document creation software

Simple yet powerful document workflow software for writing a user manual, step by step guide, and process document 90% quicker than before.

How does StepShot work?

For a long time, StepShot products had been positioned as tools for automatic creation of user manuals, step-by-step guides, and other training materials that usually were created manually. In particular, StepShot users could automatically generate training documents, web-pages, presentations, videos, and images. Also, they could easily modify the outputs with professional editing & branding toolkit and customizable templates. In three years of its functioning, StepShot has grown to support thousands of customers at prominent companies (like Deloitte, AutoDesk, Hershey’s, etc.) in their process documentation needs. 

As the company and its products evolutionized, they found a natural fit for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) aimed at business process automation with the help of software robots. To make RPA implementation efficient, customers need better means of discovering, understanding, improving, and automating their processes. Thanks to the forward-thinking approach of the StepShot CEO Sasha Reminnyi, UiPath, the leading RPA enterprise, got interested in their tool for process documentation. 

Success story

Thus, in a few months, UiPath acquired StepShot, and young Ukrainian professionals joined UiPathers to work on the process discovery solution for RPA. At the moment of acquisition, StepShot had about $500K in ARR while UiPath reported about ARR of more than $200M and a $7 billion company valuation. The latter is one of the fastest-growing and highest-valued AI enterprise software companies worldwide which recently has been named by Comparably as the 6th happiest place to work and the 11th best company culture among large businesses. What’s interesting, UiPath would like more Ukrainians to contribute to a “robot-for-everyone” era, so they regularly post new vacancies in Lviv on their official website. On the whole, the idea behind RPA in UiPath is to free up employees from the mundane tasks nobody likes for the sake of more important tasks, creative ideas, business growth. 

About this Show Case

Type Startup
City Lviv
Topics Document Creation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


personSophia Sembai