The power of Ukrainian Tech community in action

Welcome to the TechUkraine ChangeMakers: a network of local and global tech Ukrainians – ecosystem builders, founders and top managers of tech companies, heads and leaders of Tech NGOs and respective communities, entrepreneurs with global vision and a wish to do impact, innovators, business leaders, policymakers and activists.

Community focus

TechUkraine ChangeMakers is the community constituting the  platform TechUkraine that uses the power of networks and communities of influential tech Ukrainians to connect the dots: accelerate the quality of communication and cooperation, enhance the local tech ecosystem for smooth and effective integration to the global stage.

Who are Changemakers
  • opinion leaders of the industry
  • influential tech drivers
  • visioners
  • ecosystem builders and powerful enablers


  • high-potential social capital
  • valuable experience
  • striking achievements
  • deep involvement of the world tech institutions and communities they lead
  • have a respect and recognition among various groups of tech ecosystem stakeholders
How to Apply

Step 1

Apply here (it will take 5 mins)

Step 2

You receive letter from TechUkraine with the next actions

Step 3

You become TechUkraine Changemaker and enjoy the power of the community!

Step 4

Changemakers Stories

Jane Klepa, 1991 Open Data Incubator

Andriy Zaikin, YEP

Kirill Mazur, Center42

Alexandra Govorukha & Inna Stelmakh,

UTEW Tech Tribe

Roman Zinchenko, Greencubator

Alexandre Yurchak, APPAU

Alissa Ban’kovskaya, Synchro Space

Rüdiger and Viktoriia von Rosen,

Digital BridgeBuilders

TechUkraine Changemakers