TechUkraine is a platform focused on supporting Ukraine’s fast-growing tech ecosystem. It aims at uniting and driving cooperation among ecosystem leaders, government officials, business partners and donors to further support Tech and to foster our ecosystem integration in the global technological ecosystem.

TechUkraine grew from recommendations gathered under the IT Sector focus during the work on the Export Strategy for IT Sector 2019-2023, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

TechUkraine’s platform focuses on sharing insights, achievements and news of Ukraine’s tech ecosystem, creating new opportunities, launching support programs and establishing connections between Ukrainian tech ecosystem and global technology centers. Check the presentation of TechUkraine here.

Inspiration & Advisory

TechUkraine is inspired by the example of Startup Amsterdam and La French Tech and is fortunate to have the active participation of Mr Ruben Nieuwenhuis, whose approach is very concisely described in his book “The StartupCity”.

Ruben is an entrepreneur, former director of StartupAmsterdam and a driving force in the development of leading Dutch startup platforms & tech clusters via a catalyst program: StartupDelta. Now he is guiding tech ecosystems around the world to grow stronger and internationally connected. Ruben is an Advisor of TechUkraine project aimed to build the flourishing tech ecosystem in Ukraine.”

“Ukraine can be proud of its great Tech potential. With TechUkraine it proves that stakeholders country-wide can unite to collaborate in growing towards Ukraine being a leading global tech-hub”, said Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Advisor for TechUkraine.

About Talents

TechUkraine has attracted top talent to its team. There are numerous outstanding representatives of the ecosystem, that worked at different periods of time with and in TechUkraine.

Nataly Veremeeva is the TechUkraine Director, she was National Coordinator of Export Strategy for IT Sector and Kyiv IT Cluster CEO.

The Advisors team include:

  • Olesya Zaluska, who was Navigator of the Export Strategy of Ukraine in 2017-2019 and is currently Chief of Party at USAID Competitive Economy Program.
  • Ruben Nieuwenhuis, a Startup Amsterdam founder, has launched over 40 platforms and helped make Amsterdam one of the top 3 European tech hubs,
  • Nataliya Mykolska, former Trade Representative of Ukraine – Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Co-founder at SheExports Platform and Trade+ Center.
  • Emilie Verbunt, Head of Dutch Basecamp.
  • Olga Shapoval, Head of Kharkiv IT Cluster
  • Vitalii Matveev, a serial enterpreneur and a business mentor at Big Money University
  • The current team includes Darya Altukhova, Valeriia Bombandorova, Iryna Novikova, Mike Buryk and Alissa Bankovska.

A lot of experienced representatives of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem also make their input into the platform development: Yegor Chernev, Deborah Fairlamb, Olga Afanasyeva, Inna Stelmakh, Alissa Ban’kovska, Stas Petriv, Iryna Supruniuk, Mykola Slobodyan, Maksym Grant, Ivan Pohrebniyak, Alexandra Govorukha, Evgenia Shalenko, Diana Yumasheva, and others

“Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem already achieved significant results. But to achieve truly greatest ones, we need a strategic approach and cooperation of key ecosystem players. And this is exactly what we aim to develop at TechUkraine”, said Nataly Veremeeva, Director of TechUkraine.

We believe we are creating a great story of Government and Business working together to achieve a truly significant goal – Ukraine: an innovation-driven, universally recognized tech destination that delivers high value for the global economy.


What is the challenge?

Every ecosystem at every stage of its existence has its specific challenges. Despite the dramatic growth of Ukraine Tech Ecosystem, it has a lot of areas longing for improvement. So there is a demand for a strategic complex approach to problem-solving and increased cooperation and coordination among key ecosystem players.


How does it start?

TechUkraine is a spin-off from the Export Strategy of Ukraine for ICT Sector, initiated by the MEDT (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine), supported by the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) and realized according to the ITC methodology

It is inspired by the example of Startup Amsterdam with the active participation of Mr Ruben Nieuwenhuis. His approach is very concisely described in his The StartupCity book.


Founding Partner

The first stage of the project is supported by the German government through Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Benjamin Klinger Director of the GIZ Programme “Promotion of a Supportive Framework for Trade” said “We are happy to support the TechUkraine platform within our activities to support implementation of the Export Strategy of Ukraine: Strategic Trade Development Roadmap for 2017-2021 and hope that it will contribute to the strengthening of the IT Sector in Ukraine”.


What will be the results?

TechUkraine will be a solid foundation which strengthens, embraces, supports, lifts and connects all ecosystem players by means of joint launching ecosystem initiatives, solving various tasks of further development of Ukraine Tech Ecosystem. Right now we started with 3 initiatives, with a couple in the pipeline and more to come.