Winners of the Startup-in-Residence DemoDay

Ukraine joined the club of urban innovation centers.
TechUkraine, with support of GIZ Ukraine and DutchBasecamp, represented the initiative that builds bridges between startups ecosystem and cities – Startup-in-Residence UA. Ukraine became the second country launching the program in Europe after the Netherlands!

Nine startups – urban tech projects in eco, medical, real estate, tourism spheres, which passed a 3-months acceleration program, have presented their innovative solutions to Kyiv and Vinnytsya within Startup-in-Residence Demo Day.

We are proud to showcase the selected startups with their urban solutions to make Ukrainian cities more safe, comfortable, and entertaining – meet the winners!


DonorUA is a blood donor recruitment and management system powered by modern technologies and artificial intelligence.

Every 2 seconds, someone in the world needs blood. One donation can save up to three lives. Meanwhile, 90% of people who are eligible to donate blood are not doing this. Indeed, almost 80% of people will agree to donate blood if they have been asked or if blood is needed for a friend or relative.

DonorUA develops a culture of blood donation in Ukraine. It connects donors, patients, hospitals, healthcare specialists, blood centers, and municipalities. Providing a wide range of services and tools for all parties, conducting public and corporate blood donation camps, DonorUA creates modern and efficient blood services in Ukraine.

Team members: Iryna Slavinska, Olexander Krakovetskyi, Roman Rozhynskyi, Viktor Dombovetskyi, Alina Kvitka

Mentor: Olexander Romanishyn (UVCA, RE:ACTOR)


What travel destinations cross your mind first? Is it London? Berlin? Amsterdam? What about your Motherland? Try recalling several cities and name at least three reasons they are worth visiting. Is it hard? It was for us. 

The Founder of the UnexploredCity project, Maryna Chernovol, once decided to provide cities and tourists with a bundle of digital solutions to make their promotion and exploration easy peasy. The team created a single map of the cities, and virtual assistants in messengers to introduce the country to the locals and foreigners. 

Soon, they understood this approach could resolve the over-tourism problem, since the project is focused not on big cities only, but small tourist centers too. They are often situated not far from the big ones remaining unnoticed as no one knows of their existence. 

During working with the municipalities, it became obvious that only particular parts of the city are overwhelmed. Urbanists and architects were invited to the team to offer solutions to the revitalization of less visited areas. 

“To unload overcrowded cities (or city centers) and redistribute tourist flows, we should provide tourists with an alternative. We should offer them new destinations, making their travel experience better,” says Maryna. 

The project started in Ukraine is scaling to other countries.

Team members: Maryna Chernovol, Maxim Shkarupa
Mentor: Mariya Romanova (Radar Tech)

The Traffic Maps

The Traffic Maps project was established to optimize and automate the processes of the road construction industry, namely road marking and traffic management. 

In 2019, the project team began work on the creation of digital maps and inventory of elements of the traffic management, which became the basis of a new and, at the moment, the core product – traffic data aggregator mapping service. 

The service collects and displays, historically, information on changes in traffic management, dynamic traffic information, and allows the use of information to identify the problem, estimate it, forecast and model the most effective solutions. The service target group is the B2G segment, namely municipalities and road infrastructure balancers. 

Soon, the project team plans to enter the CIS countries market.

Team members: Ostap Budenkevych, Eugen Shevchuk, Taras Dzyubynskyi
Mentor: Jane Klepa (1991)

Octa Energy

OctaEnergy is a charging solution for electric vehicles.

Electric cars are coming! And everyone is happy about that. But for the development of this type of transport, infrastructure is needed! And this is the age-old question that used to be, chicken or egg, electric vehicles or charging infrastructure? We knew that sooner or later, this question would arise. Car brands have already prepared answers to the first question. But the latter is not so easy to organize. 

The fact is that most operators follow the same path as the OIL infrastructure – organizing expensive high-speed stations in “useful” places. But I don’t want to go somewhere every day as an electric car user! So we created Octa Energy – home-charging with unique functionality. So that every electric car owner does not waste their time in “useful” trips places every day, and spent the valuable free time at home with his family, during his car is charging.

Welcome to the new era of electric mobility!

Team members: Ivan Atamanchuk, Andriy Smoglyuk, Olexander Lunjov, Olexander Amelkin

Mentor: Roman Zinchenko (Greencubator)

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