Mayak Innovatsiy: Dominique Piotet with Alex Kokhanovskyy, Ukrainian Professional Esports Association

Mayak Innovatsiy – podcast hosted by CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech dudes. From Ukraine to the world.

Mayak Innovatsiy_Season#3_Episode#5_Alex Kokhanovskyy, Ukrainian Professional Esports Association

Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy has more than 20 years of experience in the esports and the gaming industry. He is the CEO & Co-Owner of DreamTeam – the first esports and gaming recruitment and management network.

He built the 2nd most popular and one of the most successful teams in the history of esports – Natus Vincere (Na`Vi) and is the Co-Owner of ESForce, the 3rd biggest esports entity funded by USM Holdings (shareholder of,, Megafon, etc.) with $100 mln investment in the latest round.

In September 2020 Alex Kokhanovskyy has founded Ukrainian Professional Esports Association

In Ukraine alone, two million people follow esports, and experts predict the industry could become the world’s number one sport over the next 10 years.

We were talking about the life of a common e-player, about the positive impact of COVID on the gaming industry, about the esports-future of Ukraine, also, about why Kyiv is a Barça in esports,  and who is e-Messi.

The Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique PIOTET, and Tatiana Morozova Skydan is back. Hurry up and listen!

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