How Radmirtech develops high-tech products for enterprises and public sector enhancing productivity and keeping people healthy

Founded in 2001 on the Research Institute of Radio Measurements base in Kharkiv, today Radmirtech is a team of professionals, modern, high-tech production, and a wide range of high-quality, competitive products.

The company has developed a variety of data transmission devices, sensors for different consumer groups. Using the wireless communication technologies GPRS, NB, LoRa WAN, and Zigbee, the main areas of activity of the company are:

  • Development and production of devices and equipment for gas metering units, taking into account the customer’s needs.
  • Creation of hardware and software systems for data collection, transmission, and processing.
  • Equipment for checking and checking the technical condition of gas meters

Based on its high-tech production facilities, technological and design experience, and a high-skilled team of IT specialists allow Radmirtech to provide a wide range of services for the development, production, and maintenance of gas metering units, as well as implement automation systems for collecting, monitoring and recording information from metering units – key 

  • Design, construction, installation, and commissioning of gas metering units
  • Maintenance, repair, and calibration of gas meters.
  • Machine work
  • After deliveries and adjustment of the operating condition of the equipment, Radmirtech carries out service and post-warranty maintenance 24/7.

The automatic data collection system developed by the company from gas metering units of industrial and household consumers has been successfully operated for several years at facilities within the sphere of influence of gas distribution companies.

What is the Challenge?

In COVID times, it’s essential to keep indoor conditions at a high purity level – at home and most of all in public and workspaces. Because it may cause respiratory diseases, allergies, asthmatic manifestations, and a weakened immune system, decrease alertness, and affect overall well-being. 

The most important indicators to keep in mind:

  • A high level of VOC – 5 times higher TVOC makes learning and work impossible
  • Sick building syndrome  – It significantly worsens health and reduces efficiency 
  • Unsatisfactory IAQ – 125 million lost school days in the United States each year 
  • A high level of pollutants concentration – It decreases mental activity and alertness 
  • Poor indoor air quality – more than 10 million lost working days in the United States each year

What is the Solution?

Radmirtech’s invention the IoT Sensor Vega air quality control system helps measure, analyze, improve the conditions and reduce the spread of pathogenic bacterias, viruses, respiratory and heart diseases:

  • TVOC – a rate of an actual level of volatile organic compounds in the air. 
  • CO 2 Carbon dioxide – a high level of indoor carbon dioxide leads to illness and tiredness.
  • Humidity – a high or low level of indoor humidity leads to the development of allergies and a weakened immune system.
  • Temperature – too high or too low temperature affects the physical state. It leads to undercooling and organisms overheating. 
  • Light – bad lightning leads to the psychological and emotional state violation. It decreases alertness and working ability
  • Pressure – pressure bumps lead to weakness, shortness of breath, headache, heart pain, weakened immune system, and working ability decreasing. 

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