IT Vinnytsya Research 2021

IT VN Research- 2021 is the first comprehensive study of the IT industry of the Vinnytsia region. The non-profit project allowed to explore technology, staffing needs, infrastructure needs, the economic impact of the industry and to form a portrait of the city’s IT, specialist.

The analysis is based on data from a survey of IT companies in the Vinnytsia region and an anonymous online survey of IT specialists. To obtain the most complete and reliable information about the IT industry in Vinnytsia, it was processed and combined with previously collected statistical information from open sources.

The main economic indicators

  • In 2021 there are 5,880 IT PEs and 475 LEs registered in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia oblasts operating on IT NACEs. The most popular among them are 62.01 Computer programming; 70.22 Business consultancy activities; 63.93 Provision of other information services.
  • Interestingly, over the last 5 years, the total number of PEs in the Vinnytsia region has been declining, but the number of IT PEs has a long-term upward trend. At the same time, 2.7% of the total amount of IT graduates are graduates of Vinnytsia higher education institutions.

Portrait of an IT specialist

  • Almost a third of our respondents were women, most of them hold management positions. Regarding the average age of respondents, the vast majority of 48.5% are people under 25 years old. Next is the age rating – 26-35-year-old.
  • Because of the young age, it is possible to explain the phenomenon of a large number of newly created families or relationships in which there are mostly no children.


  • The main technologies and programming languages ​​used by specialists of Vinnytsia IT companies in development are JavaScript; TypeScript; C #; NodeJS and Java.
  • The programming languages ​​that IT companies will be requesting in the next 5 years are Python, Java, and JavaScript. In the second place, among the most popular programming languages ​​in the future, was JS, in 3rd place – PHP, in 4th place – C # and React, and in 5th place – .NET and TypeScript.

Workspace and infrastructure

  • Vinnytsia is dominated by companies that specialize in software development, and the main specializations are product or outsourcing. The majority of customers are representatives of the service, financial, medical, industrial, and tourism industries.

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