[TechUkraine proud] AEROPRAKT presented the first Ukrainian electro plane Aeroprakt 20e

 AEROPRAKT aircraft company presented the first Ukrainian electro plane Aeroprakt 20e designed by Yuriy Yakovlev!
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  • Founded in 1991 by aircraft designers Yuriy Yakovlev and Oleg Litovchenko, engineer professionals with the background of the well-known Antonov Design Bureau, today Aeroprakt company is a widely-known enterprise and serial production of ultralight aircraft of various modifications.
  • Being the top 3 world-class manufacturers that build light aircraft, the company already constructed more than 1200 projects.
  • Developing a wide distribution network in the CIS and abroad, AEROPRAKT aircraft delivered to 50 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The most frequent destination is Australia – more than 200 aircrafts are flying under the continent with the brand #MadeInUkraine.
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