Offshore IT projects can sponsor the war in Ukraine – Boycott Russian IT

Offshore IT projects can sponsor the war in Ukraine.

  • Stop funding russian-based companies.
  • Don’t compromise your reputation, IP, data & privacy.
  • Check the list of IT service providers who continue operations in russia via stoprudev

On the 24th of February, russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine

While Russian forces are brutally bombing civilians in Ukraine, dozens of IT service companies continue expanding their operations in Russia and Belarus, implicitly supporting the Russian invasion by paying taxes, salaries, and investments.

International Companies Choose To Leave

Hundreds of companies, including Accenture, Google, and Amazon, have already terminated contracts with russian providers to weaken the aggression by cutting off financial ties and funding the russian military aggression.

Paying russian IT companies sponsor the war

Every dollar you pay for russian-based IT services is indirectly utilized to build more missiles, dropped on maternity hospitals, schools, and kindergartens in cities like Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, Donetsk, Luhansk, Odesa, and the capital Kyiv.

Terminate any IT business done in russia.

Transfer all the current software development, IPs, and data to an independent IT provider outside russia or belarus. Until then, every day you keep business ties in russia increases both reputational, financial, and ethical risks for your business.

What you should do now?

Check the list of companies who continue operations in russia and fund the war regime by paying taxes in russia. If you identified having contracts with one of the companies from the list, proceed to the instruction on how to change your IT service provider.

Consider working with Ukrainian IT service companies

While the Ukrainian militaries are bravely fighting for the whole free world, Ukrainian IT companies continue to work in offices in Ukraine and Europe to support the country’s economy.

Ukraine is known for the quality of IT services and skilled experts in the technology field. Collaborate with Ukrainian IT service companies and help us to protect the civilised world.

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Support Ukraine!
Come Back Alive is one of the largest charitable foundations that supports Ukrainian soldiers, founded by the IT specialist Vitaliy Deynega. The organization collected more than 210 million UAH (more than $7M) in 2014. According to Na chasi, the Patreon page Come Back Alive is in the top ten projects by the number of financial donations.


There are several other organizations to support:

  • Army SOS, which develops drones;
  • Everybody Can, an organization that supports internally displaced people;
  • Help on the Ministry of Defense website.