Wirex launches crypto-cards to Ukrainians

From April 15, 2022, Ukrainians who moved to Europe due to the war can use Wirex App without restrictions and receive Wirex debit cards to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies and traditional money.

  • Previously, this product functionality was available only to EU citizens. Wirex card registration for Ukrainians is free.
  • The product of the global licensed fintech company Wirex provides users with access to the exchange of digital currencies for traditional ones, cash withdrawals at ATMs without fees, and receiving bonuses in WXT cryptocurrency for each online and offline purchase.
  • Ukrainians can download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • To issue a Wirex payment card, a person needs to indicate their current European address and verify nationality by international passport or ID card.

“The war forced almost 5 million Ukrainians to move to the EU. Our strength is in unity, so the company decided to support people in its way. Ukrainians received access to Wirex financial products, which allow them to pay for goods and services in traditional money and cryptocurrencies, automatically converting them into US dollars, euros, or local currency. At the moment, only the cryptocurrency functionality of Wirex products is available to Ukrainians due to regulatory features. But recent changes in legislation give hope for new stages of development for the entire crypto and fintech sector of our country. We at Wirex hope that shortly the full functionality of the products, including the usage of traditional payments, will be available to our Ukrainians not only in Europe”, – says CTO Wirex, head of Wirex R&D, Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi.

Among the available updates are:

  • Exchange – a service that allows exchanging any digital currency for fiat and vice versa without additional fees;
  • X-tras – subscription type, which opens new levels of product capabilities with increased Cryptoback (cashback in cryptocurrency WXT);
  • X-accounts – an option that allows creating deposits in cryptocurrency at 12% per annum in WXT (bonuses in the app are freely convertible into other currencies);
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