Respeecher’s Security Expert At War Special By Osnovy Publishing Show Podcast

Anna Bulakh is a hybrid warfare and security expert. In 2014, when her family lost their home in Donetsk, she was in Estonia briefing the Estonian parliament on the russian invasion. In 2022 her choice was to stay in Kyiv to work for Respeecher, world renowned Ukrainian voice cloning product powered by artificial intelligence, and to be as useful as she can.

Listen to Anna explaining via the new episode the War Special by Osnovy Publishing Show podcast on:

  • How was the big companies’ contingency planning before the war?
  • How does russian propaganda work?
  • Why is Ukraine winning an information war and will win a military one soon?
In conversations that cover everything from culture to politics, Dana Pavlychko and a rotating cast of exciting guests talk about their lives. In the The War Special we share stories about what is happening in Ukraine.
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