UnitE By Aranchii Architects Took The 1st Prize In The Re:Create UA

Ukrainian Aranchii Architects project that became a product UnitE, adaptive architectural system for living and working, took the 1st prize in the Re:Create UA architectural competition on the Ukraine rebuild.


  • Unit E is an adaptive modular architectural system designed to create living and office spaces, capable of reconfiguration (volume change and planning). Suitable for use as temporary housing, in particular for war refugees.
  • Unit E is a system of cubic configuration modules that can be clustered together – a variety of spatial planning taxonomies. The identity of the modules ensures maximum unification of production and interchangeability of both the modules themselves and their components – the frame and enclosing surfaces. The geometry of the modules also contributes to the universal clustering of modular spaces both in the plane and vertically, which makes it possible to achieve an infinite number of architectural types/topologies and use them for many functions and needs.
  • The mobility of Unit E is the ability to change the location by transporting units through the use of non-capital screw-pile foundations. Moving allows units to appear and be installed in unexpected places and off the grid. For example, on the roof of a high-rise building or surrounded by nature, for instance, in the mountains.
  • The principles of sustainable development are using materials that meet the ecological concept of “cradle-to-cradle”. To maintain multi comfort, UnitE provides energy-saving equipment: heat pump for heating/cooling and recuperative ventilation to keep clean air and prevent heat loss.
  • Unit E is designed on the principle of “take and use”. It is ready for use, fully furnished, equipped and ready to use.
  • In addition to intelligent climate control and energy efficiency/savings, Unit E will be accompanied by an application that is a custom building designer for a user with hints of new elements and online calculation of possible configurations to select the optimal not only from planning but also energy-efficient clusters.
The jury appreciated universality and technology aspects the most: “High-tech, modular, modern, practical, comfortable and bold,” – this is how the idea was described by Jury member Dmytro Vasiliev.

Re:Create UA is an open-call to the architects, artists and designers of the world to help reimagine the future of Ukraine after the war.

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