NewsManagers: Private equity is already preparing for post-war Ukraine

The Chairman of the UVCA – Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association Andrey Kolodyuk shared the opinion about Investments in Ukraine during the war, The Marshall plan, IT sector, and startups development below – highlights:


  • Venture capital remains undercapitalised in Ukraine, but some $2.8 billion has been privately invested in the last eight years across over a thousand Ukrainian companies
  • These were mostly US venture capital funds that have poured money in Ukrainian companies, together with the 25 funds operating in the country
  • Last year was a record year for Ukrainian investments, totally more $860 million. In 2014, we only stressed flows of $45m in private equity-venture capital given the war context. Last year, the figure multiplied by 20 times
  • That said, opportunities arising from the recovery, redevelopment and reconstruction projects are valued at more than $1trn. Now the narrative is are we going to calculate and wait for the end of the war to start rebuilding Ukraine, or shall we start today by using innovative ways to rebuild and redevelop the country by the private sector and investors
  • The case of Ukraine presents pretty much all the sustainable development goals altogether at the same time. The question is how to address essential needs by switching from an enormous one-time aid programme to sustainable investment projects
  • The Marshall plan or as we call it The Ukrainian Redevelopment and Recovery plan should be executed by the private and venture capital industry, backed up by their portfolio companies and SMEs, besides the macroeconomics aid for Ukraine

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