Global Campaign For Building Innovative National Rehabilitation Center “Unbroken” In Lviv

Lviv’s First Territorial Medical Association under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine launched the campaign for building the National Rehabilitation Center “Unbroken” in Lviv, Ukraine. It will treat more than 50 thousand patients annually and perform more than 10 thousand surgical procedures.

  • The new Center will provide all kinds of rehabilitation – post-surgical, traumatological, post-burn, physical, psychological, psychosocial, rehabilitation of children – and will also manufacture and provide maintenance services of prostheses and robotic devices.
  • At the first stage, will be arranged 6 new operating rooms and 180 beds for rehabilitation patients within the current premises.
  • The next step will be the construction of a new 25 thousand square meter rehabilitation center with modern equipment.
  • Ukrainian MedTech startups Esper Bionics, ADAM Bioprinting also joined the initiative.
  • Read more and support brave Ukrainian defenders and civilians to recover.
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