Atlantic Council: Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion is the world’s first full-scale cyberwar

 The current Russo-Ukrainian War represents the next major milestone in our rapidly developing understanding of cyber security. It is now becoming increasingly apparent that the invasion unleashed by Vladimir Putin on February 24 is the world’s first full-scale cyberwar.

  • The current war has confirmed that while Russian hackers often exist outside of official state structures, they are highly integrated into the country’s security apparatus and their work is closely coordinated with other military operations. Much as mercenary military forces such as the Wagner Group are used by the Kremlin to blur the lines between state and non-state actors, hackers form an unofficial but important branch of modern Russia’s offensive capabilities.
  • It is clear that Russia’s current cyber offensive involves cybercriminals working in cooperation with military personnel while enjoying access to official intelligence data. This approach is relatively cheap, with cybercriminals often able to finance their operations using standard cyber fraud techniques.
Read more about the first global cyber war by Yurii Shchyhol via Atlantic Council

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