Why Ukraine Is Innovator State And Digitalization Pioneer

Ukraine is indeed an innovator state and a pioneer in the digitalization of governmental services – here are some facts to convince you:

  • In September 2019, Ukraine established a Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to launch a full-scale digitalization of government services. After that, Ukraine became the first country in the world to provide citizens with a digital ID that has the same legal status as a standard paper ID card.
  • Within three years, the Ministry’s Diia application has started offering over 72 digital public services.
  • Thanks to the Diia.Business platform, which provides free consultations and helps find investors, Ukrainian entrepreneurs can grow their business faster.
  •  At Diia.Digital Education, Ukrainians have the opportunity to increase their digital literacy by watching educational video series similar to Netflix.
  •  In 2022, the Ministry launched one of the best legal and tax spaces for IT businesses – Diia City. By the way, the IT sector grew 28% YoY in 1Q2022 to $2 billion despite the full-scale Russian invasion.

Via Horizon Capital

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