16-17 of June, we visited the TNW Events Conference 2022 in Amsterdam, which came back after almost 3 years of lockdowns – and now present the coverage and insights into the latest developments in tech through the lens of the Ukrainian tech community perspective.


  • Why TNW Conference is like Woodstock for innovators
  • What kind of speakers helped us navigate the uncharted waters of the future of tech and society
  • How the hologram of the President Zelenskyy drew eyeballs and kept attention in a sea of tech geeks
  • How to be wartime CEO by Dima Shvets from Reface
  • Sneak Peak of TNW 2022 by Ukrainian tech community: Nina Bohush, PR Specialist at MacPaw, Victor Dubrovin, founder of Dubrovin Consulting, Konstantin Klyagin, founder of Redwerk and QAwerk, Tetiana Grynova, founder of KIND Challenge
…Russian full-scale invasion changed the common views on peaceful life, and now we see how the tech industry has become a driving force to tackle aggression, so we keep an eye on innovation, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and AI to prevail in this war and build a sustainable future in a global free world. Ukraine will win!