Sifted: The European Commission has a big new plan for startups. Here’s what you need to know about it

European policymakers are going to publish the most comprehensive plan so far for how to help 🇪🇺European startups grow and compete globally. The stakes are high — Europe wants to produce its own deeptechs to compete with innovations coming from the US and China — and the EU realises that it will need home-grown solutions to pursue its ambitious digital and green agendas.

To accelerate the change, the European Commission is going to present a policy roadmap dubbed A New European Innovation Agenda. The plan will focus on five pillars:

  • Linking up innovation ecosystems;
  • Retaining talent;
  • Improving existing policies with a data-driven approach;
  • Amending risk-averse and fragmented regulatory frameworks;
  • Improving access to finance.

The roadmap is due to be officially published on July 5 — but Sifted prepared the main takeaways for you below.

  1. Developing regional clusters and “deeptech valleys”
  2. Training 1m deeptech employees
  3. Agreeing on definitions and improving existing policies
  4. More sandboxes and better regulatory frameworks
  5.  Improving access to financing
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