New UK package offers a lifeline to Ukrainian researchers and entrepreneurs

The Prime Minister of GB Boris Johnson has announced a series of measures to support Ukraine’s Science & Technology and research sectors, as part of the UK’s wider efforts to bolster Ukraine’s economy and security in the face of Russia’s brutality.

  • The package of measures will give Ukraine’s best scientists and tech entrepreneurs the help they need to rebuild the country.
  • More than 130 Ukrainian academics will be brought to, and supported in, the UK under the ‘Researchers at Risk’ programme which launched in March.
  • £3 million was initially allocated to the programme and a further £9.8 million announced today will allow it to expand significantly to meet demand.
  • Before Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine was a regional Science & Technology powerhouse. The technology sector accounted for 4% of the country’s GDP and Ukraine was home to around 5,000 IT companies and 285,000 IT specialists.
  • Science and Technology has already played a role in boosting Ukraine’s war effort unlike any ever seen before. From international crypto donations to companies like Uber and Airbnb using their platforms to help to those forced to flee violence.

Science and technology will be decisive in ensuring Putin fails in Ukraine, and it will be crucial as we rebuild the Ukrainian economy. The UK will be with our Ukrainian friends every step of the way, – Boris Johnson.

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